A baby changes everything fanfiction


They say that having a baby changes everything, but the reality is far more overwhelming than the adage implies. In our exploration of 'A Baby Changes Everything', we'll delve into all the surprising, difficult, humorous, and rewarding facets of parenthood. We’re not just talking about nappy changes and bedtime stories, but also the splinters of your new reality that sometimes go unnoticed.

The Inception: Pregnancy and Preparation

The origin of this miraculous journey doesn't lie in birth, but in the very moment parents learn they're expecting. The anticipation, anxiety, and excitement usher in a new era as prospective parents plunge into research, doctor appointments, and essential baby shopping. They dwell on popular parenting websites such as 'BabyCenter' and 'What To Expect' and devour literature like 'The Expectant Father' and 'What to Expect When You’re Expecting' to assimilate whatever knowledge they can about parenthood.

A baby changes everything fanfiction

Apps like 'Glow Nurture' and 'Pregnancy+' also help them track their pregnancy journey, offering advice on symptoms, nutrition, and upcoming milestones. They are beneficial platforms providing reliable information at the fingertips.

The Great Reveal: Emotions and Echoes

The baby's arrival �the moment parents hold their newborn for the first time �sparks an indescribable mix of emotions. Staring into the baby's eyes, vague bewilderment mixes with boundless joy, churning an intense emotional cocktail that makes everything else insignificant. It is a milestone that echoes through their life, altering them as individuals and as a couple.

Later, when they see their child's minutest milestones such as the first smile, first word, or first step, additional waves of emotions leave them perpetually on an emotional rollercoaster ride. They're living the truth of a cliché �a baby really does change everything!

The Awakening: Loss of Sleep and Personal Time

With the baby's likeness for waking up at oddest hours, sleep magically transforms into a luxury. Parents find themselves stumbling through the day, fueled by caffeine and short naps snatched between feeds, changes, and the occasional (yet precious) quiet moment. The once leisurely weekends are hijacked by nursery rhymes, baby laundry, and playtimes.

The endless cycle of feeding, nappy changes, soothing, and repeating leaves them little time for themselves. Personal interests take a backseat, and couple-time gets reduced to stolen glances over the baby monitor. Less dramatically, the reality-TV binges get replaced by 'Peppa Pig' marathons.

The Evolving: New Skills and Survival Instincts

Parents start to juggle chores with one hand while cradling an infant in another. They master diaper changes in the dark, baby-proof the house, and deal with illnesses they never knew existed �carrying out tasks they never thought they would or could do.

They even get adapt at deciphering different baby cry patterns �understanding the difference between the 'I'm tired' cry and the 'I need a diaper change' cry. The necessity to protect and nurture their child enables them to discover hitherto untapped survival instincts and skills.


Q: What are some good resources for expecting parents?
A: Websites like 'BabyCenter' and 'What To Expect' are excellent platforms. Books such as 'The Expectant Father' and 'What to Expect When You’re Expecting' are also useful. For tracking pregnancy, apps like 'Glow Nurture' and 'Pregnancy+' are recommended.

Q: Does baby arrival affect your personal and couple time?
A: Yes, personal interests take a backseat, and couple-time gets squeezed amid the baby's needs. However, it is important to balance and find some time for yourself and as a couple.

Q: Do parenting skills come naturally?
A: Some parenting skills develop on the job. You'll find yourself doing things you never imagined you could, such as deciphering baby cries or performing multiple tasks while holding a baby.


Indeed, a baby changes everything, but it's a different kind of change - one that brings about growth, humbling experiences, joys, and indescribable love. Bringing a new life into the world alters realities but in the most fruitful way possible.

So yes, having a baby changes you, your life and your perspectives. It can be overwhelming, but the journey is one of the most beautiful, rewarding experiences life offers.

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