A beastly rose fanfiction


Whenever we mention the tale of Beauty and the Beast, our thoughts naturally drift towards Belle and her beastly prince. However, in this twisted fanfiction plot of 'A Beastly Rose', the main narrative focuses on the life and transformation of the Beast prior to his fateful encounter with Belle. This intriguing storytelling perspective highlights numerous aspects of his character that often remain overlooked.

Backstory of the Beast

The story starts with an in-depth exploration of the Beast's past before his shocking transformation. We learn about his aristocratic upbringing, his parents' indifference, and the sense of loneliness that pervades his life. His struggles to conform to the expectations of his rank and his inherent rebellious nature are vividly portrayed. This nuanced backstory adds a layer of depth and richness to the Beast's character in stark contrast to the original tale.

A beastly rose fanfiction

The Beast's transformation forms the pivotal event in this fanfiction. Rather than simply portraying his transformation as a punishment, it is shown as an opportunity for him to experience life from a less privileged perspective. Although initially struggling, he gradually begins to appreciate the lessons he learns as a Beast and forms a deeper connection with everything around him.

Rose �The Symbol of Transformation

The enchanted rose, an iconic symbol of the original tale, acquires an expanded role in 'A Beastly Rose'. The fanfiction portrays the enchanted rose not merely as a countdown timer but also as the medium of the Beast's transformation. It brings about changes, provokes realizations and epitomizes his journey towards self-awareness.

The key lesson of choosing inner beauty over physical charm is introduced through the rose. Unlike the original where it was merely a symbol, here, it actively guides the Beast, leading him down different paths, directing him towards his transformation.

Belle in Absentia

Perhaps the most surprising and potentially controversial aspect of this fanfiction is the conspicuous absence of Belle throughout the majority of the story. Belle's eventual entry, delayed till the climax, underscores her role as the final catalyst rather than an active player shaping the Beast's journey.

Her absence allows room for alternative connections to establish with other characters. The Beast forms significant relationships with the servants in the castle, each helping him understand essential life lessons, thereby building his character. Belle's absence also showcases the Beast's independent character transformation, rather than attributing it solely to her influence.


Question: Why does the fanfiction focus largely on the Beast's backstory?

Answer: The perspective shift adds richness and complexity to his character, revealing hitherto unknown aspects.

Question: Why is the enchanted rose given such significance?

Answer: The rose serves as a symbol of transformation and a physical reminder of inner beauty’s importance.

Question: Why is Belle absent for most of the story?

Answer: Her absence highlights the Beast's personal growth and transformation.


'A Beastly Rose' offers readers an alternate perspective on a familiar tale. It allows us to delve deeper into the Beast's life, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding. This complex character study challenges the classic narrative, making it an engaging and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in exploring tales from a different perspective.


No references are included as this work is based on an imaginary plotline.

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