A bronx tale fanfiction


Opening up back into the Bronx neighborhood, we find unwavering love and exceptional bonds, and a web of connections not spun anywhere else but here. This fanfiction of "A Bronx Tale" takes an intimate approach, unraveling the heartfelt voice of the old-timers as well as the youthful exploration of the sprouts.

Just as the quintessential coming-of-age movie, "A Bronx Tale," focused on the life of Calogero Anello deeply influenced by his two mentors - the law-abiding father and the law-breaking mob boss Sonny LoSpecchio, this fan-made narrative will revolve around their enduring insights and lifetime experiences enriched by the Bronx neighborhood.

A bronx tale fanfiction

A Life Beyond The Mob

As Sonny LoSpecchio breathes his last in the movie, we shall aim to portray his presence that still seemingly pervades the neighborhood. We dive deep into Sonny’s influence beyond his mob connections, perhaps as a loving brother, a mentor, or an abused child who found solace in power even if it was obtained unlawfully.

The morals of Sonny's life continue, serving as guideposts to many youngsters. His tales serve as reminders about the life of crime he had led, the hits he'd taken, the power he possessed, and the lessons he learned. Showing a side where he lets down his guard, allows vulnerability and humanity to shine on him.

Calogero's Present

Our story then moves to Calogero, who has transformed from a naive boy with no understanding of the world around him to a man with profound wisdom. He is seen involved in the community work and is an active participant in neighborhood politics.

His character embodies a beacon of hope, a symbol of change, a representation of the new generation stepping out from the murky shadows of the mob life, refusing to succumb to the allure of easy money powered by questionable means. We focus on his commitment to making the Bronx a better, safer place for all.

The Neighborhood Unfolded

We take a closer and more intimate look at the neighborhood, encapsulating all its unique characteristics. We draw upon real-life events that have changed the face of The Bronx since the movie was released in the '90s.

Stories of the revolution in technology, the rise and impact of social media Apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook influencing the way people communicate, and how it's reshaping the community spirit, the principles they abide by, the relationships, and of course, the crimes.

App like Yelp, influencing local businesses, diners, bars featured, positive and negative reviews affecting their sales. Senior citizens learning to adapt to these new tools, the swiftness the younger generation adapts, the changes seen in law enforcement, and technology wending into the older mob-style methods are all portrayed.

User Questions

1. Q: Will this fanfiction alter the original narrative? A: No, the fanfiction will instead continue to explore the storyline maintaining the original ethos, focusing on the transformation of characters.

2. Q: Who will be the main characters? A: Calogero will remain central to the plot, aiming to highlight his transformation while emphasizing the enduring influence of Sonny.

3. Q: Is the fanfiction going to follow the same timeline as the original movie? A: The fanfiction will follow real-life events post the timeline depicted in the film, hence adding new elements embracing the changes brought about by the advancement of time.


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