A certain magical index fanfiction accelerator


A Certain Magical Index: Accelerator's Dichotomy

As one of the pivotal characters of the Animes A Certain Magical Index, Accelerator represents an intriguing study in character development. This fanfiction piece focuses on exploring the dichotomy of Accelerator's life and how he evolves from antagonist to a sympathetic character while diving into his complexities as an individual. Be prepared to experience the most powerful Esper in Academy City's battles, capabilities and transformation.


Accelerator's real name remains a mystery and serves to enhance the intrigue surrounding his character. An orphan raised with grim purposes by dark organizations within Academy City, Accelerator spent his early life as a science experiment. Until a chance encounter with Kamijou Touma, the titular character of A Certain Magical Index, triggered a transformation.

A certain magical index fanfiction accelerator

His Power

Regarded as the most potent Esper in Academy City, and ranked Level 5, Accelerator's abilities are nothing short of awe-inspiring. His power, Vector Manipulation, allows him the ultimate defense capability. This power not only gives him an almost impenetrable shield but can also be used offensively by manipulating vectors to increase the speed and damage of his attacks.

The Dark Side

Due to traumatic experiences of his past, Accelerator has manifested a darker personality. He is ruthless, cold and inconsiderate of the lives of others, particularly when it comes to his enemies. This harsh persona allowed him to survive his harsh upbringing but led to numerous conflicts and battles throughout the series.

Turning Point

Despite his dark exterior, interaction with other characters brings about changes. Kamijou Touma's influence pushes Accelerator to question his morality, while Last Order, a Misaka Mikoto clone, stirs his protective instincts. Their influence becomes his turning point, transforming him from an antagonist to a more human character with altruistic intent.

His Struggles

Accelerator's life is riddled with struggles, from his troubled past to physical and emotional struggles. After a brutal encounter with Touma that left him incapable of using his powers without a special device, Accelerator is forced to reevaluate his life and confront his demons.

The Redemption Arc

Post his turning point, Accelerator embarks on a redemption arc, showing growth, maturity, and a newfound sense of responsibility. His protective nature towards Last Order and willingness to atone for his past actions indicate a positive change in the character's personality and alignment.


In conclusion, A Certain Magical Index's Accelerator is a multifaceted character, with an equally complex and diverse narrative. From a dark past to a promising future, Accelerator's evolution provides an engaging and intense subplot within the Anime, marking him as one of its most captivating characters.


Q1: Does Accelerator ever become good?

A1: Yes, he does. Accelerator notably undergoes a character transformation throughout the series, primarily due to the influences of Kamijou Touma and Last Order.

Q2: Can Accelerator die?

A2: With his Vector Manipulation ability, it's extremely hard to kill him. However, he can be critically injured or debilitated, as shown in his fight with Kamijou Touma.

Q3: Who does Accelerator end up with?

A3: Accelerator has a rather unique relationship with Last Order. While it's not a traditional romantic relationship, there is an undeniable bond between them, based on protection and care.

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