A certain magical index fanfiction crossover


This article is a fanfiction crossover featuring characters from A Certain Magical Index, thrown into uncharted dimensions of their universe, challenging their knowledge, powers, and teamwork. Expect surprises, twists, and creativity in the handling of character interactions and the merging of worlds. Let’s delve into the multiple facets of this fanfic.

The World Building

The fanfic leans heavily into world-building elements, taking full advantage of the original series�intriguing magic and science dichotomy. The plot devices used to traverse dimensions are a blend of these two aspects, providing an enriching atmosphere that slips smoothly between reality and fantasy.

A certain magical index fanfiction crossover

Notably, the crossover introduces worlds that contrast starkly against Index’s urban backdrop. Characters from the series find themselves in new, alien environments, sparking engaging character development and alliances.

The Character Dynamics

The author beautifully brings together Index's characters while also introducing new faces from other universes. The interactions between Touma, Misaka, and Index remain as touching and comedic as ever. However, their introductions to otherwise unknown characters from different dimensions add relationships, friendships, and rivalries to the preexisting webs of interaction.

What’s truly endearing is how each character’s unique abilities complement one another. Touma, the sci-fi hero known for negating supernatural powers, finds ways to incorporate his seemingly mundane ability into the strategy, solidifying his impact despite his clear disadvantage.

The Fanfic Platforms

This fanfic hosts on platforms like and Archive Of Our Own (AO3), both known for their user-friendly interfaces, extensive communities, and dedicated comment sections for reader feedback. This dual release allows different fanbases access and ensures the widest audience range possible. and AO3 differentiate mostly in their organizational systems. While the former focuses on fandoms and genres, the latter emphasizes tags and relationships, making their search systems distinct but equally efficient.

Crossover Elements

Thriving in fanfiction stories, an intriguing aspect is the crossover elements. Characters from different dimensions and varying power structures meet in a shared universe, making for captivating dynamics and conflicts that play out in numerous, often unanticipated ways.

With each new character introduction, the plot and character relationships twist and evolve, keeping readers on their toes. Swirling magic powers with science fiction elements, the author weaves an interconnected reality that is both exciting and compelling.


Q: How much knowledge of the original series is required? A: While familiarity with character abilities and plotlines helps, even newcomers can follow along with the fanfic's detailed explanations.

Q: Why are there two platforms for this fanfiction? A: Each platform has its unique organizational system and fanbase, allowing the story to reach a wider audience.

Q: Are there more crossovers planned in the future? A: Based on reader feedback and author notes, there might be upcoming fanfics involving different characters and universes.


This A Certain Magical Index crossover fanfic is a treat for enthusiasts of the series and newcomers alike, intertwining characters from various dimensions and showcasing their powers in an exciting new plotline. The rich world-building and shifting character dynamics stir the imagination, making each chapter a thrilling read.


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