A certain magical index fanfiction my hero academia


Fanfiction has been a beacon of creativity for lovers of various fandoms. One such piece of fanfiction crossing over two popular Japanese anime and manga series �'A Certain Magical Index' (Toaru Majutsu no Index) and 'My Hero Academia' (Boku no Hero Academia). The following fanfiction setting combines the magical and scientific advancements of 'A Certain Magical Index' with the quirks-infused society of 'My Hero Academia'.


The fanfiction concept starts by merging the two worlds into one setting that balances the existence of magic, esper abilities, and quirks. Considering the academy setting prevalent in both series, a combined educational institution named "U.A. Academy for Espers and Heroes" is imagined. The institution seeks to hone both its students' unique quirks and esper abilities, with an entire wing devoted to magical education lightly touched upon within the original 'My Hero Academia' series.

A certain magical index fanfiction my hero academia


Here, the protagonists from each manga, Touma Kamijou from 'A Certain Magical Index', who wields the power to nullify any magic, psychic, or divine power with his right hand, and Izuku Midoriya from 'My Hero Academia'. Despite initially lacking any quirk, he inherits the 'One For All' quirk from the top-ranked hero, All Might. In the crossover, Izuku possesses both his quirk and the Imagine Breaker ability, shuffling the balance of power quite significantly.


The fanfiction boasts a plethora of villains, from mischievous magicians and power-hungry espers to quirk-abusing criminals. Golden Dawn and the League of Villains may join forces, creating a formidable threat to our protagonists. Major villain characters like Accelerator, Tomura Shigaraki, or the mysterious Aqua of the Back might cause havoc in the already chaotic seemingly Washington Agreement divided society.

Supporting Characters

The rich canvas of support characters from both series creates intriguing dynamics. The Raildex universe's Misaka Mikoto, Accelerator, with My Hero Academia's Bakugo, Todoroki, and other U.A. students, makes for a vibrant cast of characters with differing abilities and personalities.

Character Interactions

The fanfiction delves into the interactions and potential friendships that might stem among these students. Considering their wildly different backgrounds and abilities, the dynamics between them would likely be as volatile as they are fascinating.

For instance, Bakugo's explosive temper clashes with Touma's laid-back attitude, or Misaka's fascination with the seemingly strong yet humble Izuku could play out as interesting subplots in the narrative.

Storyline and Plot

An intriguing plotline for this fanfiction could be the protagonists' struggle to balance their academic responsibilities at the Academy, along with training, to cope with the strange phenomena or threats arising due to the sudden merging of their worlds.

Fights and Power Showdowns

Fanfiction would not be complete without breathtaking battles between the characters, often showcasing their growth by developing new techniques or strategies. An anticipated highlight might be a showdown between esper abilities and quirks, shedding light on how these powers stack up against each other.

Humorous Aspects

Despite the high-stakes storyline revolving around world-saving heroics, the fanfiction ensures to maintain the humorous aspects seen in both series, especially with characters like Kaminari and Saten, known for their comic relief roles.

Fan Questions

1. Q: Would the two worlds merging affect the power scaling?
A: Absolutely. The merging would indeed cause an alteration in the established power scaling, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement.
2. Q: What is the Imagine Breaker ability?
A: Imagine Breaker is a mysterious power from 'A Certain Magical Index' borne by the protagonist, Touma Kamijou. It can negate all forms of supernatural powers, including magic, psychic, or divine powers.
3. Q: Do these two series have any themes in common?
A: Both series share themes of personal growth, friendship, and the classic struggle between good and evil. They also explore the societal implications of people possessing unique powers.


'A Certain Magical Index' crossing over with 'My Hero Academia' in this fanfiction concept promises a fascinating exploration of themes, character dynamics, and power clashes. The fusion of these two worlds brings an assortment of thrilling possibilities that fans of both series would surely love to explore.

By diving into the rich lore and expansive power systems of both these series, this fan-fiction concept intends to tell a new, exciting story that would satisfy any fan of the anime genre.

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