A chance to change fate inuyasha fanfiction chapter 17


I. The Unraveling of Fate

As the chapter opens, Kagome can feel the pull of fate as she sinks deeper into the twisted tapestry that connects her to Inuyasha. But she decides then that she would not let her love fall prey to the bitter whims of destiny. In the gloom of the Sacred Tree, she gazes into Inuyasha's eyes, resolved to battle fate itself. Perhaps some may find this funny, but in the world of Inuyasha, love and courage often triumph over the seemingly impossible.

The relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha is a complicated one, fraught with misunderstandings and hardship. But it is also one of understanding, trust, and loyalty. Their love might be tempestuous but it is also strong, unwavering. And it is this that becomes their weapon against fate's cruel designs, their beacon in the sea of time.

A chance to change fate inuyasha fanfiction chapter 17

II. A Broken Spell

As Kagome struggles with her decision, a broken spell releases them from a centuries-old curse. A sense of liberation so strong grips Inuyasha that it transcends the barrier of the Sacred Tree, reaching the deepest recesses of their hearts. Nevertheless, this broken spell comes with a cost, the short reprieve before a great and yet unknown danger is lurking at the horizon.

However, Inuyasha's newfound freedom allows him to reassume his true form, and for once, he finds himself stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. Yet, he is also humbled by it, reminded all too well of the role he must play to protect those he loves. His transformation is indeed a pivotal moment which sets the tone for the battle to come.

III. The Apparition of Kikyo

Just when Kagome and Inuyasha are adapting to the new changes, the ghostly apparition of Kikyo hovers at the corners of their reality. Kikyo brings with her news of an imminent threat, a dark force that is gathering strength. This ominous news instigates a fresh wave of panic and uncertainty. However, her appearance also brings about a chance, a slim window to alter their designated fate.

Kikyo's motive is as cryptic as her appearance. Is she truly there to aid them or is this another scheme perpetuated by the dark forces? However, for now, the heroes have no choice but to believe her, to prepare for the upcoming battle, and brace themselves for the adversities ahead.

IV. The Fight for the Sacred Jewel

Re-energized and more determined than ever, they set out in pursuit of the Sacred Jewel, each of whom carry the potential ability to change their fate. The journey to the jewel is no less tumultuous than the battles they have fought before. Betrayal, treachery, and scheming conspire to create an atmosphere of suspense as the story progresses. Yet, Inuyasha and Kagome face each obstacle courageously, their resolve unshakeable.

As the ultimate object capable of shaping destiny, the Sacred Jewel becomes the focal point of this chapter. The battle for the jewel is not merely a fight for survival but also a test of will, a statement that they won't be lorded over by fate. But they are not the only ones desiring it, and guarding it becomes an equally daunting task.

V. The Final Battle

The chapter culminates with a final battle against the antagonists, the dark forces that encompass both familiar faces and unanticipated foes. Each moment is tense, dramatic, leading up to the climactic confrontation. However, as Inuyasha and Kagome stand together, hand in hand against the looming darkness, they know that they've won. For they have defied destiny and built their own fate instead.

This chapter explores various themes ranging from the complexities of relationships, sacrifice, courage, and the power of one's own will. It strengthens their bond, setting the stage for the inevitable conclusion of Kagome and Inuyasha's grim yet profoundly beautiful story, affirming the belief that one can indeed change their fate.


1. What is the significance of the Sacred Jewel? A: The Sacred Jewel is a powerful object with the potential to alter fate. It is thus the main object of desire for both the protagonists and the antagonists in the story.

2. Why does Kikyo appear in this chapter? A: Kikyo appears and informs Kagome and Inuyasha about the imminent threat. Her intentions are known later.

3. What are the changes faced by Kagome and Inuyasha? A: They become stronger, ready to face all challenges and shape their own destiny. They confront their feelings for each other and decide to fight fate together.


This work is based on the anime series 'Inuyasha' created by Rumiko Takahashi. For deeper understanding and insights, please refer to original graphic novels and anime series.

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