A child's voice by ky sess kag fanfiction


Fanfiction holds a unique space in the literary universe where stories spring from the creative minds of fans, inspired by original works of art. One such tale that has made waves within the fanfiction community is "A Child's Voice" by Ky Sess Kag. This fascinating mix of psychology, adventure, time-travel, and familial ties intertwines with the anime series "InuYasha." Let's delve into the multifaceted layers of this intriguing narrative.

The Art of Storytelling

Anyone who has delved into the world of fanfiction knows that quality varies widely. "A Child's Voice," however, is a masterpiece of storytelling. Crafted by the author Ky Sess Kag, the narrative explores the psychological challenges and emotional growth of Sesshomaru, a character whom the original anime didn't shine much light on. The author dexterously reimagines his character, painting him as a complex figure that readers can empathise with, making it a riveting read.

A child's voice by ky sess kag fanfiction

The story is an incredible amalgamation of adventure and familial complexities, all set against the backdrop of time-travel. "A Child's Voice," in essence, is not just about a singular character, but about how relationships can evolve, mend, and strengthen over time, even in the face of adversity. This multifaceted approach to storytelling is both relatable and compelling, keeping readers eagerly flipping through each virtual page.

The Platform:

"A Child's Voice" was published and found its audience on, one of the largest and oldest fanfiction repositories on the Internet. Despite the growing popularity of newer platforms like Archive of Our Own, remains a popular choice for many authors and readers due to its user-friendly nature.

Its simple, if slightly dated, interface is straightforward to navigate, while its vast library of works covering an impressive range of fandoms can keep the most avid readers occupied for weeks on end. Unlike some other fanfiction platforms, is also comfortable for authors who may be less familiar with technology, offering straightforward publishing tools and a large existing audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fanfiction?
Fanfiction is a genre of literature in which fans of a particular TV show, movie, book, game, etc., write their own stories based on the original work's characters, settings, and plotlines.

Who is the intended audience of "A Child's Voice"?
While "A Child's Voice" is a fanfiction based on characters from the anime "InuYasha", it appeals to anyone interested in complex character development, familial dynamics and psychological exploration, regardless of whether they are a fan of the original anime series or not.

Why publish fanfiction on instead of newer platforms? offers a straightforward platform for both authors and readers, despite lacking some of the advanced features of newer platforms. Its massive library and large active audience make it an appealing choice for many authors.


From its intricate storytelling to its innovative exploration of characters, "A Child's Voice" by Ky Sess Kag offers an immersive experience into the world of fanfiction that caters to both fans of "InuYasha" and those unfamiliar with the series. The story’s presence on also provides an accessible platform for readers to explore this addictive genre further.

"A Child's Voice" demonstrates the potential held within the realm of fanfiction - reminding us that stories can be reimagined, characters can be deepened, and that fan-created content can rival professionally published works in depth and complexity.

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