A christmas prince amber and richard fanfiction nightmares


This fan guest is a deep dive into an imaginary plot based on the Netflix Christmas-centric romantic series, "A Christmas Prince". We explore the seldom-shared nightmares of the lovable couple, Richard and Amber. Please note, this is purely a fictional exploration and has no correlation with the actual series or the creators' intentions.

1. The Unsaid Fear

Ever wondered what keeps Richard and Amber awake on a chilling Christmas Eve, despite the castle's warm hearth? Richard always carried an unusual air of dread around Christmas. As future king of Aldovia, he feared that his decisions could ruin the Christmas spirit for his kingdom. This constant fear of disappointing his people and his loved ones is a potent nightmare that wakes him at night.

A christmas prince amber and richard fanfiction nightmares

Amber, on the other hand, grapples with the fear of fitting in. She constantly worries about mess-ups and how they might reflect on Richard and the royal family. Her nightmare is a constant replay of such fraught moments, making her strive harder to meet the royal expectations.

2. The Haunting Past

Richard's past occasionally haunts him, especially his strained relationship with his late father. He often dreams of confrontations with his father leading to severe fallouts affecting Aldovia's people, which he carries as immense guilt.

Amber's past is colored by the constant struggle of being an outsider, resulting in dreams of public humiliation and rejection. Even as a queen, she fears the judgment of Aldovians and the repercussions it can have on her loved ones.

3. The Struggle of Expectations

Richard's position as king demands him constantly to navigate between his personal desires and the needs of Aldovia. He struggles with nightmares of making selfish decisions that have led Aldovia into turmoil, all occurring due to the enormous weight and responsibility of the crown.

Amber, an ordinary girl plunged into a queen's life, frequently has nightmares of failing as a queen. She is seen messing up royal traditions or offending dignitaries, stemming from her attempt to balance her past life with her new royal duties.

4. Anxious Love

Despite their profound love, Richard and Amber often suffer anxious nightmares, visualizing scenarios of falling out of love, infidelity, or scenarios leading to termination of their relationship. These nightmares heighten their insecurities and make them appreciate each other more.

5. Terrified of Dissolution

Richard's royal lineage is a constant target for power-hungry individuals. Nightmares of coup d'etats against him or intrigues leading to the dissolution of the monarchy terrorize him, reflecting his deep responsibility towards Aldovia.

Amber, too, sees frightening sequences of the castle being seized by unknown forces. The thought of being stripped of her royal status and losing her new family adds fuel to the fire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these nightmares featured in the actual series?

No, these are purely fictional plot extensions based on character analysis.

2. Why are these nightmares important to the characters development?

These imaginary scenarios provide insight into the characters mindsets, fears and anxieties, enhancing understanding of their actions and choices.

3. Can these nightmares be considered symbolic?

Yes, they signify the difficulties and dilemmas faced by royal individuals, and the constant strive for a balance between personal desires and public duties.

While this imaginative journey into Richard and Amber's subconscious presents a different viewpoint of their struggles, one must remember that these are merely fictional and speculative. Since the series doesn't directly deal with their fears or nightmares, this post is not endorsed by or linked to Netflix or the creators of "A Christmas Prince".

References: Not applicable as the article is purely based on imaginative fiction.

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