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Its undeniable that magical moments in filmmaking come when a film resonates with its audience. A Cinderella Story, starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray, has been a classic film that many audiences have come to love. In this fanfiction, we're taking a closer look at the intricately woven character, Austin Ames, and one of the lesser discussed characters in the story, Dick P.

With a dynamic character set, there are opportunities for in depth character development. This piece intends to explore what lies behind established personas and to provide imaginative scenarios filled with drama and excitement. Reader discretion is advised for those who want to remain in the world of the film exactly as it is. But for those who want to expand it in their imagination, they are welcome to embark on this thrilling adventure.

A cinderella story fanfiction austin dick pee

Chapter 2: Austin Ames

A popular high school student, talented footballer and aspiring poet, Austin Ames is a star in all regards of his town. He's known as a "Prince Charming" figure with an internal struggle to discover his true identity beyond the hype and expectations that surround him.

Our story explores the alternative side of Austin. A side that yearns to be free from the constricting societal expectations that have always molded him. We investigate what happens when the star of the show feels like merely a puppet in someone else's play.

Chapter 3: Dick P

Dick P may not be a prominent figure in A Cinderella Story, but this fanfiction aims to shed light on his character, bringing out his quirks and strengths. An electric personality hidden behind a mysterious demeanor, Dick P. has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

We explore the dynamic friendship between Austin and Dick P., adding a new dimension to the story. Their camaraderie, their shared struggles and shared victories, they bring a touch of reality to this fairy tale.

Chapter 4: Their Friendship

Austin and Dick P.’s friendship is the bedrock of our retelling. In the original film, we only get glimpses of their union. In this version, we delve deeper. We explore their bond, their shared passions and diverging desires, their loyalties and occasional heartbreaks.

The friendship will have all elements of a true bond, filled with laughter, understanding, shared dreams, and unquestionable support. It will delve into the true spirit of friendship - the sense of belonging and security one finds in the presence of a dear friend.

Chapter 5: Facing Adversity

Austin and Dick P. will vulnerable; they are shown to make mistakes and at times, even face defeat. However, they always strive to learn from those experiences and grow. The story will reveal how these teenagers navigate their way through personal and professional adversities.

Whether it's Austin's struggle with his father's expectations or Dick's struggle to carve out his own path, both face their share of obstacles. And it's through these adversities that their friendship is tested and strengthened.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

This fanfiction, an alternative tale of A Cinderella Story, will reaffirm the universal truth: we all have our battles to fight, our dreams to chase, and our own stories to write. Sometimes all we need is a friend to remind us of our strengths and aspirations. Even in a fairytale world, friendship plays a significant role in uncovering our true selves.

This tale of Austin and Dick is sure to entertain and teach valuable lessons about friendship, adversity, and self-discovery.


1. Is this fanfiction official? Answer: No, this is a creative piece written by a fan and not endorsed by the creators of A Cinderella Story.

2. Will the main storyline of A Cinderella Story be altered in this fanfiction? Answer: No, the primary narrative remains untouched. These fanfic is an exploration of undeveloped potential narratives within the existing storyline.

3. Can I find this fanfiction on any book-selling platforms? Answer: No, this is an imaginative piece and has not been published officially.


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