A cinderella story fanfiction oc


Fairy tales build up magic, grandeur and parables that leave lessons and moral values. One such fairy tale, loved by millions, is the story of Cinderella. Today, we are going to unearth a new side to this story. This narration will be a Cinderella Story fanfiction, featuring our very own original Character �Rose.

Rose - The Original Character (OC)

Our original character, Rose, is an atypical Cinderella. A simple, kind-hearted girl, she is left at the mercy of her uncaring stepmother and two wicked step-sisters after her father’s untimely demise. However, unlike Cinderella, Rose is a bit rebellious; she will not accept her fate meekly.

A cinderella story fanfiction oc

Each night, as she scrubs the dishes, she dreams of a world where she is unburdened. But she understands that dreams are ephemeral, thus she resolves to take her life in her hands.

Setting and Timing

Just like Cinderella, Rose inhabits a quaint, little village. However, Meadhaven, unlike most fantasy lands, is plain and realistic, silenced by the mundanity of life. The kingdom is ruled by a fair young prince, who is yet to find his queen. As fate would have it, the prince announces a grand ball, open for all maidens of the land.

The real twist of the tale takes place on the night of the full moon, the same night of the grand ball.

Meeting a Fairy Godmother

Just as Cinderella’s tale, Rose too is blessed with a guardian who helps her realize her dreams. But, unlike a magical fairy, Rose’s godmother is human and a teacher. She inspires Rose to believe in herself and to break free from her shackles.

She gifts Rose a beautiful dress, one which she had saved from her youth, and encourages her to attend the ball.

The Grand Ball

The ball is a sight to behold, with shimmering chandeliers, melodious orchestras, and ladies in resplendent gowns. Amidst all the grandeur, Rose, in her simple yet statuesque dress, steals the show.

The prince, smitten by her simplicity and beauty, asks Rose for a dance. Transfixed in the moment, they share a dance, ignorant of the scheming eyes of Rose's step-sisters.

The Tempestuous Twist

The night of the grand ball is disrupted by a rogue gang of thieves, who raid the castle. Rose’s courage and bravery come to fore when she, unlike others, refuses to cower and helps the prince ward off the intruders.

This courageous act endears her more to the prince, showcasing that true beauty lies not just in appearance but also character.

The Final Showdown and After

Rose’s life takes a drastic turn post the ball. Exposed to the evil plans of her step-sisters, she stands up against them, revealing their deceit and treachery. The prince apologizes for his ignorance and decides to punish them severely.

Here, again, Rose’s kind heart overshadows her misery, and she pleads for their mercy. This act of magnanimity indeed makes Rose the real queen of the land.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What differentiates this Cinderella fanfic from the original story?

This fanfic introduces a stronger, braver and more resilient character in Rose. She represents a Cinderella who is more proactive in fighting her circumstances.

2. Does this fanfic follow the traditional 'Happily Ever After' ending?

Yes, but in a more satisfying way, we get to see Rose stand up for herself and fight her own battles.

3. Where can I read more fanfics like this one? and Wattpad are two popular platforms where you can explore a myriad of fanfictions across multiple genres.

The beautiful journey of Rose, the brave and kind-hearted heroine, allows the readers to affirm that courage and kindness are indeed the real magic in life.

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