A cinderella story sam and austin kiss fanfiction



This fanfiction is a deeper exploration into one of the most poignant moments of the story, Sam and Austin's kiss, the climax that gives meaning to the entire narrative. From the fun-filled setting to the emotions underlying the scene, this analysis dives into various spectrum of the climax illustrating the characters' intense emotions and silent communication.

The Emotional Build-Up

Before we even get to the kiss, it is crucial to understand the emotional build-up leading to this iconic scene. After the initial hitches and a series of miscommunications, Austin and Sam's feelings for each other gradually develop, but obstacles like misunderstanding and insecurities keep them apart. This mounting tension paves the way for the deeply awaited moment of the kiss, providing emotional intensity.

A cinderella story sam and austin kiss fanfiction

The moment is a result of the character's vulnerability, as both Sam and Austin lay their emotions bare, relieving the audience of the unease built up during the narrative and setting the tone for their kiss. This theme of vulnerability is a recurring aspect throughout the story and plays a key role in the dynamics of Sam and Austin's relationship.

The Setting

The scene's setting adds to the atmosphere of the awaited moment. The Halloween dance is underway when Austin is about to unmask Sam, who has been disguised as Cinderella. The music creates suspense as it pauses momentarily, amplifying the intensity of the moment.

Predictably, this is accompanied by the revelation of Sam's true identity; a scene that shifts the story to its climax and gives the setting a romantic, fairytale-like charm. The narrative of the story aligns perfectly with the setting; the ball dance, the prince (Austin), and the commoner in disguise (Sam), all pay homage to the original Cinderella story.

The Kiss

The kiss between Austin and Sam is the critical turning point of the story, around which the entire narrative revolves. It's an essential piece of the Cinderella storyline, symbolizing a change in their status �from distant admirers to intimate lovers �and giving way to a happier ending.

Moreover, the scene emphasizes the importance of honesty and courage in relationship; Austin’s decision to kiss Sam stands for his acceptance of her despite her social status, while Sam’s reciprocation signifies her trust in Austin, leading us on their journey of overcoming social barriers for love.

The Aftermath

The kiss scene doesn't just radiate romantic energy and provide resolution to the built-up emotional tension, it also paves the way for the narrative's unfolding. It is the precipice from where Austin's and Sam's relationship deepens. Post this scene; they are more open about their feelings towards each other and are ready to accept the challenges that come their way.

Moreover, their relationship also provides impetus to the subsequent events, including Sam's stepmother's reaction, Austin's confession, and ultimately their happily-ever-after ending. The scene serves as a fulcrum for the story's direction, furthering the narrative in more romantically profound and emotionally complex areas.


Austin and Sam's kiss is a defining moment in 'A Cinderella Story'. It signifies the emotional growth of both the characters and gives the narrative its much deserved 'Once upon a time, and they lived happily ever after' ending. Not only does this scene provide emotional satisfaction to the audience, but it also underlines the importance of integrity, honesty, and courage in love.

Common Questions

Q1: What does the kiss between Sam and Austin symbolize? A1: The kiss signifies a change in their relationship status, from distant admirers to intimate lovers. It's a gesture of mutual acceptance, shedding insecurities and misunderstandings. Q2: What role does the setting play in this scene? A2: The Halloween dance provides a romantic, fairytale-like setting. The pause in the music heightens suspense and enhances the reveal of Sam's identity. Q3: How does the scene affect the future events of the story? A3: The scene not only deepens Austin and Sam's relationship but also influences consequential events, like Sam's stepmother's reaction, Austin's confession, and their eventual happily-ever-after.


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