A court of silver flames fanfiction


Embark on an immersive journey into our version of Sarah J. Maas's "A Court of Silver Flames". Our 1,500-word tale delves deeper into Nesta and Cassian's complicated relationship and nuances their past, present, and future trajectories. This fanfiction write-up is intended for fellow enthusiasts of the series.

1. The Recollection

Our story begins with a reflection on their quarrelsome past. Never were two creatures more unalike - Nesta, with her frosty exterior, and Cassian, with his warrior heart. Yet fate entwined them, and their journey together is far from over. This flashback serves as a foundation for understanding the nuances of their bond.

A court of silver flames fanfiction

Few forget the day Nesta saved Cassian's life during the war. The memory haunts them both, fuelling their complex relationship. Beyond the physical salvation, Nesta unknowingly restored Cassian's faith in humanity and love. Yet, she remains evasive, always keeping an emotional distance.

2. Unfamiliar Emotions

Nesta has known only carefully hidden emotions - pain, disgust, anger. Cassian's unfaltering kindness chips away at her icy shell, revealing unfamiliar sentiments - vulnerability, affection. Still grappling with these new feelings, Nesta allows herself to lower her guard.

Cassian, too, finds himself experiencing emotions hitherto unfamiliar. He finds a disturbing attraction towards Nesta's relentless determination and unbowed spirit: emotions he previously attributed only to his brother warriors. How their relationship evolves is an element central to our plot development.

3. A New Threat Arises

Our narrative introduces a new antagonist, a mysterious figure from the shadows. This invisible enemy imbues a heightened sense of suspense and thrill, posing fresh challenges for Nesta and Cassian. The imminent threat and the need to confront it together further strengthen their relationship.

The novel enemy is not from their world but wields colossal power, jeopardizing Prythian's sense of peace. Uniting to protect their homeland, Nesta and Cassian discover each other's unsighted sides, leading to unforeseen events.

4. The Battle for Survival

"A Court of Silver Flames" primarily revolves around war, sacrifice, and survival. Our narrative further amplifies these elements, painting a bleak picture of life and death. In the ensuing battles, Nesta and Cassian must depend on each other, which shapes their dynamic substantially.

The conflict escalates, with unanticipated alliances and betrayals that expose the characters' naked realities. Amid the turmoil, Nesta and Cassian's mutual respect and burgeoning love become silver linings to their bleak existence.


Q: Does this fanfiction alter the original plot or character attributes? A: Our narrative retains the original characters' fundamental attributes and extends the plot, introducing some additional situations and characters.

Q: Where can readers find this fanfiction? A: The narrative is available on fanfiction websites like Archive of Our Own and

Q: Is the new threat related to the original series' antagonist? A: No, the new menace is an independent character not directly tied to the original series' adversaries.


This "A Court of Silver Flames" fanfiction offers a deeper exploration into Cassian and Nesta's rich and complex world, with additional layers of excitement and suspense. Through the turmoil of war and love, our narrative hopes to shed fresh perspectives on familiar characters. Dive in and immerse yourself in a world of unanticipated turns, evocative emotions, and gripping action!


Maas, S. J. (2021). A court of silver flames. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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