A courtesan of rome fanfiction


The following is a piece of fan fiction based on the novel "A Courtesan of Rome" from the game Choices: Stories You Play, developed by Pixelberry Studios. It is a narrative role-playing game filled with romance and intrigue. This article takes a creative perspective into the world of the game’s protagonist, a slave-turned-courtesan who seeks to dismantle the Roman Empire from within.

The Unlikely Alliance

The existence of an unlikely alliance is the first of the many parts we delve into through our narrative. It begins with a shared hatred for the Romans and the desire to liberate the Gauls from their grips. The protagonist, a courtesan named Lena, found an unexpected ally in the form of the noble Roman, Cassius Longinus, who wants to destabilize the corruption in Rome. Together, they hatch a plan to dismantle the empire and support the uprising. Their relationship deepens, forming a complicated mix of allies, lovers, and friends.

A courtesan of rome fanfiction

Despite the tenuous nature of their alliance, their shared goal of bringing down the tyrannical system unites them in a common cause. The exploration of trust and mistrust within these ambitious, game-playing protagonists highlights the dangerous game they're playing.

A Battle in the Shadows

The plot thickens with a clandestine operation at hand, manipulating the aristocrats from behind the curtains of the high-end brothel where Lena works. Using her courtesan skills, Lena manages to extract useful information from the unsuspecting Roman elites, one whispered secret at a time.

This narrative further deepens the chess-like strategy game of political maneuvers. Lena, while sharing the beds of the Roman nobility, also shares their secrets with her allies plotting to overthrow the empire. This chapter showcases her seductive charm, intelligence, and cunning in the face of a deadly conspiracy.

The Sacrifice

The narrative moves on to the climax, focusing on the sacrifices and grim choices the protagonists must make. Lena’s past haunts her in the form of a painful sacrifice �the Romans took away her family; in turn, she must leave her own, a young, innocent boy named Noah.

As chaos ensues and the rebellion breaks out, Noah turns out to be a pivotal character in Lena’s battle against Rome. The pain of leaving Noah behind and the guilt of bringing him into such dangerous plots form a poignant climax and showcases the darker side of the rebellion.

Q & A

Q: What is the core message of A Courtesan of Rome? A: The game illustrates the struggle for power, freedom, and love amidst a convoluted political landscape.

Q: Can you describe Lena's character? A: Lena is a strong, intelligent, and seductive woman who has learned to manipulate and scheme to survive and eventually seek revenge.

Q: What happens at the end of the game? A: In the game's final chapters, Lena must confront her allegiances, make sacrifices, and decide how much she is willing to give for her cause.


This fanfiction sheds light on the dark corners of Rome's history, viewed through the eyes of a slave-turned-courtesan. By intertwining romance, politics, and rebellion, it personifies the game's essence and honors the original narrative’s compelling nuances.

From a daring alliance to a shadowy warfare, a harrowing sacrifice, and the subsequent uprising, "A Courtesan of Rome" creates enemies, forms alliances, and tells a powerful story of power, revenge, and love.

A Courtesan of Rome is an epic adventure in Pixelberry's Choices. It paints a visceral picture of such a time, a narrative woven with as much drama and excitement as the real histories it draws from.


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