A death eater finds hermione hiding fanfiction


The flicker of movement caught his attention. He'd followed quite a few false leads, but there was something different about this one. A small tap on a shabby looking door revealed a small room, almost empty except for the dim light emanating from the crack under the worn-out door. His heart pounded in his chest, and for a moment he questioned his purpose. Was it right to betray his own kind in favor of a mudblood and her friends? As he pushed open the door, he found the answer. This story revolves around a rogue Death Eater, a protagonist intriguingly trapped between fulfilling his duties and attempting to rescue one of the most wanted fugitives, Hermione Granger.

The Unexpected Encounter

The setting was gloomy, with dark shadows hanging low and the thick smell of dust floating in the air. As he cautiously stepped further into the dimly lit room, he spotted a slumped figure tucked away in the corner. Pushing past the initial shock, he discovered it was Hermione Granger.

A death eater finds hermione hiding fanfiction

Stunned and speechless, he watched as Hermione looked up at him, her eyes reflecting immense fear. She was unrecognizably transformed, her once lively features now gaunt and drained of color. Her hand clutching a wand, she did not seem determined to give up without a fight.

Internal Crisis

Was he a friend or a foe? This was something even he didn't know. Seeing Hermione at her weakest point had awakened a turmoil inside him, a battle between the Death Eater indoctrinated into believing pure-blood superiority and the man who believed in Dumbledore's realm of acceptance and equality.

Burdened with the weight of this decision, he stood frozen, unable to decide whether he should reveal Hermione's hiding place or go against Voldemort's command. His internal conflict allowed Hermione enough time to regain her composure and assess the situation.

A Ray of Hope

Despite her apparent weakness, Hermione's mind was razor-sharp. She recognized the doubt in his eyes and, building on her knowledge of his wavering allegiance, convinced him not to betray her. This small act of rebellion against the Dark Lord triggered a tiny spark of hope in her heart.

The Unlikely Alliance

He became Hermione's unlikely ally, using his position within the Death Eaters to protect her and keep her hidden. This period marked a significant change in the narrative, demonstrating that solidarity often comes from the most unusual sources.

The Daring Escape

Realizing that Hermione couldn't stay hidden forever, he crafted a daring escape plan. Using misdirection and a combination of spells, they managed to evade detection. His foresight and planning, combined with Hermione's quick-thinking and courage, were key to their successful escape.

A Question of Loyalty

While their escape meant temporary safety, it also meant that he had ultimately chosen his loyalty. The repercussions of this decision lingered heavily on him, not knowing whether he had truly turned his back on the twisted ideologies he was once taught to uphold.

A Fight for Life

Their journey together was not easy. They were constantly on the run, hunting for food, dodging attacks, and defending each other. Their alliance, based on trust and survival, solidified with each passing day. Despite the adversities they faced, they held onto their mutual goal: to survive.


This tale of a Death Eater discovering Hermione's hiding place displays the immense potential of redemption, rebellion, and an unexpected alliance. It carries a profound lesson: labels do not define us, but our actions do. In a world as complex and divided as the Wizarding World, sometimes, it is the smallest acts of bravery that make a difference.


Q: Why did the Death Eater choose not to betray Hermione?
A: His decision struck from an internal conflict between his ingrained beliefs and his inherent sense of right and wrong. Hermione's words and actions further swayed him to switch sides.

Q: How long did the Death Eater and Hermione travel together?
A: The story does not specify an exact timeline, but it's likely they were together for quite some time, as their bond strengthened with each passing day.

Q: Did the Death Eater regret his decision?
A: The story leaves this point ambiguous, leaving it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

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