A different strategy fire emblem fanfiction


The Fanfiction Realm of the iconic Fire Emblem series is as heated as one might expect from a fanbase built around a strategy-based game. Here, I will be discussing a unique approach to Fire Emblem fanfiction, moving away from the conventional narratives to explore a more strategic based direction.

A Different Battle Strategy

Often, Fire Emblem fanfiction follows the game's narrative, replicating battles and amplifying the heroism of its characters. This alternative strategy would create a story's heart that lies mainly within the intricacies of the battles - the analysis, the decision-making, the manoeuvrings - instead of the cinematics.

A different strategy fire emblem fanfiction

Each chapter could portray a battle, starting with an assessment of the enemy forces and terrain advantages, the choice of units for the player's force and the synchronous development of a battle plan. This distinct approach could provide readers with a new appreciation for the strategic essence of Fire Emblem.

Realistic Character Development

This strategic-focused fanfiction should also address characters in a more realistic manner. In the original game series, characters develop mainly through battles. But, in a real-life scenario, people don't suddenly become stronger after fights; they learn, adapt, and grow, not just physically but mentally as well.

Weaving this aspect into the fanfiction would involve slower, detailed character progression, mirroring real-life growth. Personal character battles would abound, with flaws and strengths elevating the narrative's realism.

Culture and Politics

Implementing Fire Emblem universe's culture and politics is another important aspect. This aspect might already exist but is not often explored in fanfiction. The game is filled with differing kingdom ideologies, providing a rich background for political strife.

Intertwining these elements within our battle strategy fanfiction can furnish a realistic impression of the consequences of war, beyond just the fight. Political implications and warfare strategy will be closely linked, adding levels of depth to the storyline.

Revisiting The Game

Penning a strategically inclined fanfiction would necessitate a thorough playthrough of the game itself. Fire Emblem is primarily a game about strategy, featuring a multitude of maps, a variety of units with different abilities and attributes, and factors such as terrain and weather conditions to consider.

Immersing yourself in these aspects will provide valuable insights about potential strategic situations to highlight in your fanfiction. An understanding of game mechanics would also enhance the story's credibility to avid Fire Emblem players.

Fire Emblem Fandom

The and Archive of Our Own (AO3) platforms are popular among the Fire Emblem fandom. While has more traditional site features beneficial for a targeted audience, AO3's tagging system allows more creativity and easier access for readers interested in particular genres or elements.

For a strategy-focused fanfiction, AO3 could be more suitable due to the freedom it provides to categorize and tag stories. This freedom will attract users who are interested in your unique angle to Fire Emblem fanfiction.

Commonly Asked Fanfiction Questions

Do I need to have played the game before reading Fire Emblem fanfiction?

Avid gamers will have a better understanding due to references and terminologies; however, good fanfiction should be accessible to anyone who appreciates a well-told story.

Do I need to stick to the storylines provided in the game for my fanfiction?

The beauty of fanfiction lies in the creative freedom it offers. Playing around with plots, bending rules or even reimagining the entire world is completely acceptable.

Are there any platforms to publish and share my Fire Emblem fanfiction? and Archive of Our Own are two of the most widely-used platforms by the Fire Emblem community to share and explore fanfiction.


This different approach to Fire Emblem fanfiction focuses more on the essence of the game: strategy. Incorporating realistic character development and the rich political and cultural elements of the Fire Emblem universe can add depth, making the fanfiction more engaging and true to life. Enjoy the process of weaving a tale of strategy, courage, and personal battles! As Fire Emblem's Anna says, "There's a profit to be had no matter what."


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