A dozen white roses twilight fanfiction


The world of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer may have concluded with Breaking Dawn, but its imprints live on in the hearts and minds of its fans who have picked up the baton and chosen to reinvigorate their favorite universe with fanfiction stories.

The Premise

In this exploration, we focus on the fanfiction 'A Dozen White Roses,' a novel-length saga that weaves a parallel narrative around the main events of the Twilight series. The story begins when mysterious Isabella Swan sends Edward Cullen a dozen white roses, each bearing a cryptic message.

A dozen white roses twilight fanfiction

Written by an anonymous author, 'A Dozen White Roses' expertly maintains the tone and language of Meyer while adding a new layer of intrigue and suspense. Perfectly capturing the essence of Edward's internal conflict and Bella's strong yet quiet nature, the fanfiction reads as if Meyer herself guided the hand of the author.

The Characters

The anonymous author showcases a complete understanding of not just the main characters but also of the supporting characters, fleshing out backstories, motives, and personalities in depth. This attention to detail also adds a depth to the world Stephenie created, delving into the realities of Forks, the thrill of vampire-human love, and the sacrifices each character has to bear.

This includes a richer perspective on characters such as Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, and Jacob Black. Readers of 'A Dozen White Roses' will find themselves growing attached to these characters even more.

The Relationships

Essential to Meyer's world is the heavy focus on relationships and love, both romantic and platonic. 'A Dozen White Roses' continues this central theme. The romance in this fanfiction is passionate and heart-wrenching, adding a depth to Bella and Edward's relationship beyond what is seen in the original books.

Moreover, the author explores relationships beyond Bella and Edward with compelling detail. The platonic relationships, whether it be Alice-Bella or Carlisle-Edward, are imbued with a sense of complexity and significance in their own right.

The Narration

The narrative structure is versatile, alternating between the first-person perspectives of Bella and Edward, occasionally complemented by third-person viewpoints. This innovative style expands the perspective and gives a robust comprehension of the characters and their motivations. The author's immersive storytelling skills are evident throughout the fanfiction work.

Supernatural Elements

Appropriately, 'A Dozen White Roses' doesn't shy away from Twilight's supernatural elements. The author takes time to explore and explain the vampire lore in the Twilight universe. This serves to enrich the narrative and provide a more in-depth understanding of the story's paranormal characters.

The Platform

The fanfiction 'A Dozen White Roses' can be accessed on, one of the notable fanfiction websites to-date. It's a widely known place where fans can let their creative juices flow and produce transformative works inspired by the originals.


Q: Where can I read 'A Dozen White Roses'?
A: You can read 'A Dozen White Roses' on

Q: Who is the author of 'A Dozen White Roses'?
A: The author of 'A Dozen White Roses' remains anonymous.

Q: Who are the main characters in 'A Dozen White Roses?'
A: The main characters in 'A Dozen White Roses' are Bella and Edward.

In Conclusion

In essence, 'A Dozen White Roses' transcends the realm of fanfiction and stands as a stellar story in its own right. It is a must-read - not just for Twilight fans, but for anyone with a taste for intricate narratives, complex character development, and a touch of supernatural suspense.

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