A dragon by another name game of thrones stories fanfiction


Delving into the much-loved world of Game of Thrones, this fanfiction story titled 'A Dragon by Another Name' explores some alternative and intriguing facets of the popular characters. It takes a deep look into what might have happened in Westeros if one of the characters assumed an unforeseen role. Here, we will explore between 8-15 aspects of the story and how it blends into George R. R. Martin's Westeros.

Targaryen Bloodline

Central to the plot of 'A Dragon by Another Name', is the Targaryen Bloodline. In this alternative universe, it is Jon Snow, known here as Aemon Targaryen, who takes up the mantel of the rightful heir rather than Daenerys. We explore Jon’s transition from a stoic and humble personality to a ruthless dragon king. The story critically shares Jon’s battle for his identity, being torn between his Stark upbringing and Targaryen inheritance.

A dragon by another name game of thrones stories fanfiction

In this story, Jon's choice unveils a new depth to his character. He struggles to balance his compassionate heart, molded by the Northern values with a fiery intensity that newly-found Targaryen blood sparks within him.

Westeros Politics

Game of Thrones would be incomplete without its riveting political intrigue and 'A Dragon by Another Name' does not disappoint in this aspect. The crowned Jon has to navigate through turbulent political waters of Westeros, juggling his responsibilities towards the realm and his personal desire to secure the South for his reign.

Jon's novice experience in politics leads him to make allies and enemies, often in unexpected quarters. His ascension brings about a power shift, leading to varied reactions from other houses in Westeros, encapsulating the political reality in the universe of Game of Thrones.


As Jon embraces his Targaryen heritage, Daenerys�role undergoes substantial changes. She becomes more of a supportive player, becoming Jon’s confidant and ally, rather than a contender to the throne. Stripped of her potential crown, her character evolves into a more sensitive and somewhat somber figure. Her transformation makes her even more appealing and intriguing.

This story dives deep into Daenerys’s psyche and moral compass showing how she copes with the shocking truth of Jon's claim to the Iron Throne. It gives a fresh perspective on Daenerys Targaryen, who is poised between her love for Jon and her lifelong dream of reclaiming her father's throne.

Diverse Perspectives

'A Dragon by Another Name' effectively explores the perspectives of various characters. It broadens the point of view, giving readers an inside look into other characters�reactions and dilemmas in face of the altered Targaryen threat.

The intrigues and internal dialogues provide depth to the characters. One of the standout features of this story is the author's ability to bring out the complex emotional strata of the characters, making them more relatable and human, despite the backdrop of war, dragons, and power struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the dragon in 'A Dragon by Another Name' figurative or literal?
Answer: It is both, it is figurative for the Targaryen heritage and power and literal for the actual dragons in the story.

2. Does this story encompass the scope of Westeros?
Answer: Yes, the story covers most of the seven kingdoms of Westeros and their respective politics.

3. What are the changes in Jon's character?
Answer: Jon's character becomes more assertive, ruthless and regal consistent with his new identity as a Targaryen.

4. Does Daenerys still have an important role in the story?
Answer: Yes, though she is not vying for the throne in this alternative universe, her character evolves and remains critical to the storyline.

5. How is the relationship between Jon and Daenerys portrayed?
Answer: Their relationship is portrayed as complex, fraught with love, trust, and shared burden of bloodline, but tainted by Jon's claim to the throne and Daenerys's personal ambition.


'A Dragon by Another Name' presents an intriguing take on the Game of Thrones universe. Jon Snow's transformation into Aemon Targaryen and the concurrent shift in dynamics provide a fresh narrative palate. The changing alliances and power structures contextualise the brilliance and unpredictability that is core to the Game of Thrones series.

The only drawback of the fanfiction is perhaps the lack of an app or a website where it could be read as a series, similar to the Wattpad platform. As of now, the story is available on several fan-fiction forums across the internet. However, its intense and engaging storyline definitely makes it a must-read for Game of Thrones aficionados.

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