A fanfiction when no one believes harry about voldemort


The wizarding world is a strange place, filled with mysteries and secrets kept hidden even to those cast carefully chosen spells. One such mystery is the return of Lord Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard that ever walked the earth. In this Harry Potter fanfiction, we are taking an alternate version of events where no one believes Harry when he says that Voldemort is back. What would the wizarding world look like? What difficulties and challenges would Harry face while trying to convince skeptical witches and wizards? Let's delve deep into this alternate universe.

1. Denial at the Ministry of Magic

When Harry Potter announces that the Dark Lord has returned, news doesn't reach far or wide. After all, he is a teenage boy, prone to flights of fancy, exaggerations, and even downright lies. The Ministry, in this alternate scenario, chooses to ignore Harry's warnings, steadfast in their ignorance because admitting otherwise would undoubtedly lead to panic among the masses.

A fanfiction when no one believes harry about voldemort

However, Harry is not deterred. He continues to push his cause by trying to speak directly with the Minister of Magic, but corruption is a powerful force. Here we witness the struggle, betrayal and pain Harry goes through in his attempts to make his voice heard.

2. Skepticism and Mistrust at Hogwarts

Hogwarts, once a safe haven for Harry turns into a battlefield when Professor Dumbledore supports Harry's claim. This leads to a split within the school, with staff members and students choosing sides. This touches on the theme of skepticism, where we see Harry, a mere student, being doubted by his peers and professors.

As Harry is isolated, a focus is put on his solitude. We notice his loneliness as he is ostracized from the school community. Despite his bravery, being abandoned by almost everyone he knows is a real test of his character.

3. Dumbledore's Assistance

Albus Dumbledore's unwavering support for Harry brings a touch of comfort. He stands by Harry, facing the same scorn Harry faces from the Wizarding community. Despite everything, their bond continues to grow stronger in this dire situation. There's something truly compelling about this relationship as it is based on mutual respect and understanding.

Dumbledore assists Harry in training him for his impending battle with Voldemort. Their alliance also speaks volumes about trust - the one thing Harry needs the most at that moment.

4. Betrayal within the Order

The distrust doesn't stop at Hogwarts; it extends to the Order of Phoenix too. Many members, including those close to Harry begin to doubt him. They believe that Harry might be under some spell causing him to conjure up such horrifying tales.

This aspect explores the betrayal Harry feels from his surrogate family. He is left disjointed and tries to grapple with the fact that even his friends don't believe him. The loss Harry feels is equal, if not more, to the physical battles he fights.

5. Ron and Hermione's Unwavering Support

Unlike others, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger remain steadfast in their faith in Harry. Throughout the story, these characters never waiver in their belief of Harry's claim about Voldemort. Their unwavering support and loyalty mark a key turning point in the story.

The friendship among these three is tested to its limits in this fanfiction. Despite the adversity, their unyielding faith in one another never wavers, showing the true power of friendship.


Q1: Who wrote this Harry Potter fanfiction?

Ans: This is a conceptual fanfiction composed and written by me.

Q2: Are there any other characters who believe in Harry?

Ans: In this scenario, other than Dumbledore and his two best friends, most of the characters doubt Harry.

Q3: Where can one read this fanfiction?

Ans: Currently, this fanfiction is a mere thought experiment, and not published anywhere.

Q4: Is this fanfiction suitable for all age groups?

Ans: Yes, just like the Harry Potter books themselves, it appeals to a wide age range and all types of people.

Note: This article is a conceptual Harry Potter fanfiction and should not be taken as canon. All ideas mentioned are fan theories and speculation. Always refer to J.K. Rowling's original work for factual information about the Harry Potter universe.

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