A game of thrones and asoiaf si fanfiction


The charm of A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) and its television adaptation, Game of Thrones (GoT), lies not only in its intricate plot and complex characters but also in the vast world that George R.R. Martin has created. This fanfiction attempts to explore this world even more closely by focusing on a number of lesser-seen perspectives in the series.

Fanfiction Framework: An Interwoven Narrative

Firstly, this fanfiction unfolds in a Rashomon-like narrative. It gives minor characters the spotlight they deserve and offers fresh perspectives on pivotal events. Various short stories fold into each other, creating a rich tapestry that complements the original work but stands strong on its own. Rather than merely appeasing the fans, its goal is to maintain the intricate texture that mirrors George R.R. Martin’s world-building.

A game of thrones and asoiaf si fanfiction

Our characters fall into diverse categories �knights in shining armor, oppressed peasants, disillusioned nobles, and cunning spies. Each chapter promises to be a mini-epic, filled with battles, politics, romance, and intrigue- much like the original ASOIAF novels.

An Unseen Westeros

The focus of this fanfiction extends beyond the Wall, beyond King's Landing and across the Narrow Sea. It follows the lives of everyday Westerosi, as well as explores Essos and its many Free Cities - an area largely untouched by the main books and television series. It contextualizes the grander events of the series within the daily lives of its ordinary citizens, offering a street-level view into a world often seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Through glimpses of iconic locations such as Braavos, Meereen, and The Iron Islands from unseen perspectives, it enriches the understanding of the social, cultural, and political dynamics of the richly diverse and complex ASOIAF world. Each locale, as a character in itself, influences the people dwelling within it and crafts unique narratives based on their geographic circumstances.

Timeframe: Uncharted Waters

Chronologically, the fanfiction aligns with that of the main series and also explores historical narratives predating Robert’s Rebellion. It delves into the Age of Heroes, stories of the Children of the Forest, or even The Doom of Valyria. This uncharted timeline allows for unlimited creativity and offers a chance to speculate on unanswered questions, decipher myths and prophecies, and decipher moments that are merely hinted at in the original books or the series.

Moreover, this nonlinear narration keeps the story fresh and unpredictable. Shuffling between the distant past, the current timeline, and even possible futures enhances the mystery and anticipation �a suspenseful trait found in the works of George R.R. Martin himself.

Fanfiction Community: Interactive Experience

This fanfiction lives on platforms such as and Archive of Our Own (AO3). These platforms not only grant easy accessibility worldwide but also involve the readers in an interactive process. They allow the fans to comment, share their theories, and even suggest possible rule-bending plotlines. This fan-driven narrative can often lead to exciting turn of events, which underlines the beauty of fan-created fiction.

Moreover, this fanfiction incorporates artwork and music links to enhance the reading experience further. Readers can practically visualize their favorite characters or listen to a lute piece, which a wandering bard might be playing in a busy Westerosi marketplace. These multi-faceted models of storytelling embed a spirit of immersive engagement in the ASOIAF fanfiction scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How authentic is this fanfiction to the original work?

The fanfiction attempts to remain faithful to George R.R. Martin’s narrative style and the universe he has crafted. However, being a fan-created work, there are bound to be speculations and creative liberties based on a fan’s interpretation of the narrative.

2. Is there any app related to this fanfiction?

No, there isn’t any dedicated app. However, websites such as and AO3 do have their mobile apps where the fanfiction is available. Ao3’s app, for example, is adept with a document download feature, bookmarks, the ability to leave kudos, and all other features of a standard reading app.

3. What if I want to contribute to the narrative?

You are more than welcome! Platforms hosting such fanfiction narratives actively encourage user feedback and participation. Feel free to leave a comment or share your ideas.


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