A girl decides between her girlfriend or another girl fanfiction


There lies a complex decision ahead for Leslie, our main character. She's torn between two girls - one being her current girlfriend, Samantha, and the other one, a new girl named Rachel who is trying to win her over. Both are charming and attractive in their own right, therefore, making her decision all the more difficult.

Leslie's Dilemma

Leslie is caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. She feels a sense of loyalty and love towards Samantha. They've been together for two years. She appreciates how Samantha stood by her side during hard times and their shared interests.

A girl decides between her girlfriend or another girl fanfiction

However, she can't help but be intrigued by Rachel. Rachel has this aura that pulls her in. She's mysterious, creative and she brings out in Leslie a different side that she never knew existed. This dilemma is a real tug of war for Leslie, she wants to honor her relationship with Samantha while exploring this newfound connection with Rachel.

Understanding Leslie's Connection with Samantha

Samantha and Leslie met back in high school. Samantha was Leslie's safe harbor and rock. Their relationship is based on trust, emotional investment, and mutual respect. They understand each other, they enjoy each other's company, and for Leslie, Samantha is a comfort zone.

However, Leslie feels that their relationship has become a routine. A sense of adventure and excitement that used to pulse between them is now replaced with a monotonous routine. There's a part of Leslie that craves novelty and a touch of unpredictability.

The Intriguing Rachel

Then entered Rachel, a new girl at Leslie's work, disrupting the peaceful rhythm of her life. She was everything Samantha wasn't - wild, exciting, adventurous, and unpredictable. She had a way of making ordinary moments seem like an adventure. Rachel's self-assured and carefree attitude genuinely fascinates Leslie.

Started as a workplace friendship, Leslie noticed she was developing feelings for Rachel. Being around Rachel, Leslie felt alive, and a sense of deja vu began engulfing her as if she was experiencing the same feelings for Rachel that she had once for Samantha.

The Role of Technology

Leslie, Samantha, and Rachel found a lot of common ground with their shared interests in technologies. Especially in social media apps like Instagram and Twitter. In fact, they met Rachel through Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging, videotelephony, and voice over IP service.

Leslie found herself obligated to review these platforms, sharing her experiences of their unique features, security, and user interface strengths. All three of them bonded over these apps, creating a difficult entanglement for Leslie with both girls.

Professional Advice

Leslie decides to seek advice from a professional, an LGBTQ-friendly counsellor. They suggest her to take some time to introspect and consider things that really matter to her in a relationship. They also discussed communication, the value of honesty, and how to tackle potential outcomes, whatever Leslie's decision may be.

The counsellor emphasized that her decision should be based on what she feels right for her, not what is right or wrong by societal standards. It's Leslie's emotional journey, and she needs to be true to what she feels.


Q: Did Leslie decide to break up with Samantha for Rachel? A: The story is left at a cliffhanger where Leslie is still in the process of understanding her emotions and deliberating on her decision.

Q: How does Samantha feel about this? A: Samantha is unaware of Leslie's emotional struggle and feelings for Rachel. The story is entirely from Leslie's perspective.

Q: Is Rachel aware that Leslie is in a relationship with Samantha? A: Yes, Rachel is aware of Leslie's relationship with Samantha. However, it's not clear whether Rachel knows about Leslie's feelings for her.


In conclusion, Leslie, like anyone else, is on a journey of understanding who she is and what she wants. As she grapples with this difficult decision, she must remember to honor her own feelings and emotions along the way. Whether she chooses Samantha or Rachel, or perhaps chooses a different path entirely, it's all a part of Leslie's self-discovery.

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