A girl sent to the middle earth fanfiction


She was just an ordinary human girl from modern Ohio. A teen, with an obsessive love for J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings.�Until a surprisingly real encounter with a wizard and a powerful artifact sends her tumbling headfirst into the Middle-Earth. This unusual twist is the heart of our fanfiction tale, where the world of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and Men intersects with a 21st-century teenager's life.

2. Actualized Transposition

The story takes a turn for the extraordinary when an unknown artifact, dressed up as a piece of LOTR merchandise, turns out to be an actual power object from the Middle-Earth. A chance encounter with the artifact propels our protagonist into the Middle-Earth, disrupting her previously mundane life. While managing her shock, she must navigate her surroundings, which were once solely the stuff of cherished fiction.

A girl sent to the middle earth fanfiction

The transposition is thrilling yet terrifying, as this foreign world, while exciting, is fraught with perilous adventures, mythical beasts, and epic battles. However, she finds comfort in the familiar landscapes of the Shire and Rivendell, striking friendships both unexpected and heartwarming.

3. The Language Barrier

Our protagonist faces an additional handicap: the lingual disparity. In Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, multiple languages like Sindarin, Quenya, Dwarvish, and more prevail. The girl, having been an ardent fan, has some basic knowledge of Tolkien’s languages. This elementary understanding aids in early communication enabling her to explain her mishap and seek help.

4. The New Circle

She soon permeates a fellowship, an unlikely group of creatures who, despite their skepticism, decide to aid her. The mishmash of personalities leads to hilarious interactions and deep bonding. Each member brings distinctive skills to the table, and she learns the art of survival and warfare from them. Their shared adventures bring them closer, their bond transcending specie differences.

5. Adaptation

Life in Middle-Earth is starkly different from the comforts of Ohio. She must do without technology and adapt to the simple, rustic lifestyle. From learning archery and swordsmanship to rustic cooking and mastering the art of equestrian skills, she embraces her new existence.

6. Aiding in The War

As the War for the Ring commences, she stands with her fellowship, determined not to let Middle-Earth fall into darkness under Sauron's reign. Despite her initial fear, she bravely marches into battles, honing her newfound fighting skills, and showing a courage she never knew she possessed.

7. The Goblin App

In a humorous take on modernization, our protagonist introduces the world of mobile applications to the curious Hobbits. She discusses the fictional 'Goblin app' �a fun tool that enables users to morph into Goblins using augmented reality. While the concept bemuses them, they find the amusement in this alien technology.

8. Return to Home

After playing her part in the War, and with the peaceful resolution of conflicts, our teenager yearns for home. Through a dramatic turn of events, an opportunity for her to return to Ohio presents itself. She must make a heartbreaking decision between staying in Middle-earth with the friends she now considers her family or returning to her old life.

9. Conclusion

This girl sent to Middle Earth embodies a real-life adventure that any Tolkien fan would dream of experiencing. What could be more thrilling than becoming a part of your favorite fictional universe and having a tangible influence on the outcome of its biggest conflicts?


1. Would she have any idea how to return to her own world?
- This fanfiction does provide an opportunity for her to return. But whether she takes it or not, you’ll have to read to find out.

2. How does she communicate with the Middle Earth inhabitants?
- Having a basic understanding of Tolkien’s languages, she manages the initial communication. Later, learning from interactions, she becomes fluent.

3. Where does this Goblin App idea come from?
- The idea is purely fictional, meant to add a humorous twist to the tale.

There are no references for this fanfiction piece. The details about the source material, 'The Lord of the Rings', have been dealt with according to the information available in the public domain both at book stores and online libraries. Any permissions related to character usage or LOTR references have been assumed for this hypothetical scenario.

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