A good fanfiction


Fanfiction, a literary work written by fans of a TV show, movie, comic, or book, has exploded in popularity in recent years. This genre offers a way for fans to extend their love for the original work by crafting their own continuations, alternative timelines or creative spins on the characters and storyline. But writing good fanfiction isn't always easy. Here are several tips to help fanfiction writers create compelling narratives.

Understanding The Original

A good fanfiction writer must first be a good fan. This means not only loving the original work but also understanding it. Look for recurring themes, understand character personalities, and study the plot structure. This will help you write stories that feel authentically inspired by the original.

A good fanfiction

Investing time in re-reading or re-watching the source material will provide you with a more profound understanding of the characters and their motives, making your take on the original work come across as sincere and competent.

Creating Unique Storylines

While a fanfiction can hew close to its source, one should not merely rehash the original storyline. Instead, create a unique storyline. This might be achieved by placing characters in different situations, exploring “what-if�scenarios, or introducing new characters.

Unique storylines keep your fanfiction fresh and exciting. They offer the reader something new while still staying true to the fandom they love.

Character Consistency

Always ensure that your characters are consistent with their portrayal in the original work. This does not mean that characters cannot change throughout your story, they should, but any development should be believable based on the character's original personality.

For instance, if you’re writing a Harry Potter fanfic, it might be strange to have Snape suddenly profess his love for muggle technologies. The character's distinctive traits should be respected to keep the fanfiction believable.

Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Feedback is an integral part of fanfiction writing. Websites like or Wattpad offer the possibility for readers to leave comments, reviews, and ratings for the fanfics they read. Learning to handle criticism and leveraging it to improve your work is a useful skill for any writer, even fanfiction authors.

However, do consider the source of criticism and do not get disheartened by overly negative or mean-spirited comments. Not everyone will enjoy your work, and that is okay! Concentrate on the constructive feedback and use it to evolve and grow as a writer.

Cross-Over Fanfiction

Cross-over fanfiction can be an interesting way to mix genres and worlds. It can create an exciting dynamic and allows for more creativity. For instance, imagine blending the world of 'Sherlock Holmes' with 'Stranger Things', or 'Star Wars' and 'Firefly'?

However, one should take care to ensure that these cross-overs make sense. The worlds and characters need to be able to logically co-exist or interact, or else the readers might get pulled out of the story.

Grammar and Punctuation

Finally, the importance of a good grasp of language, grammar, and punctuation cannot be overstated. No matter how riveting your plot, poor grammar and syntax can distract readers and discredit your work. Be sure to proofread your work thoroughly, and consider using tools such as Grammarly to help you with editing and proofreading.

Remember, every writer makes mistakes. Don't beat yourself up about them, learn from them instead.

Common Questions About Writing FanFiction

1. Is it difficult to write fanfiction?
Writing fanfiction, like any form of writing, can be challenging. It requires creativity, dedication, and a good understanding of the original work. However, it can also be extremely rewarding and fun.

2. Can I make money from writing FanFiction?
Most fanfiction is written for free as a hobby or as a tribute to the original work. Some websites, like Wattpad, allows writers to earn money through advertising, but this is comparatively rare and not the norm in the fanfiction community.

3. Is fanfiction legal?
Yes, most of the time. Fanfiction falls under 'fair use', which means it is usually legal as long as it is not being sold for profit. However, some copyright holders may object to fanfiction based on their work.


Like any genre of writing, creating good fanfiction takes time, patience, and practice. Whether you're writing a simple one-shot or an epic multi-chapter saga, it's crucial to keep honing your craft. So, whether your story is set in Hogwarts or in a galaxy far far away, remember to keep writing, keep experimenting, and most importantly, keep having fun.

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