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"Gabrielle, The Little Girl" is an engrossing fanfiction story set in the Harry Potter universe, hosted on This story adopts an alternative perspective of the wizarding world, centering around Gabrielle Delacour, the younger sister of Fleur Delacour. The fanfiction reimagines Gabrielle as a central character instead of her traditionally secondary role. For ardent Harry Potter enthusiasts, it is a thrilling exploration of new narratives.


Unlike original J.K. Rowling's books where Gabrielle Delacour is a side character, in this fanfiction she is at the forefront. The storyline follows her journey as she joins Hogwarts, forms friendships and faces mystical challenges. The tale beautifully weaves the enchanting magic of Harry Potter while bringing a fresh perspective to the narrative.

A harry potter fanfic gabrielle little girl

An interesting aspect of this work is its depiction of Gabrielle's character. Exercise of creative liberty in shaping her character traits, life choices, and relationships lend a fresh perspective to the magical saga. The plot reveals her strength, intelligence, bravery, and her internal conflicts, making it a compelling read. Review is one of the oldest and largest fanfiction websites on the internet. It has been a prime destination for millions of fans from different fandoms, including Harry Potter. Here, fans can explore and contribute thousands of stories inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

This website provides a platform where fans can express their love and imagination, further instigating the creative genius within them. However, it doesn't have a very polished design, and its mobile experience is not optimum. But the sheer volume of content makes it a go-to place for any fanfiction and even original stories.

Character Development

Imperative to the gripping saga is the development of Gabrielle's character. Right from her unassuming entry at Hogwarts to the point where she stands up against dark forces, her transformation is fascinating. Only through careful and consented reading, one realizes her growth from a shy adolescent to a powerful witch.

Additionally, the development of relationships with other Harry Potter characters also adds depth to Gabrielle's character. Her alliances and conflicts enrich the storyline and hold the readers' intrigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding "Gabrielle, The Little Girl" and fanfictions in general:

1. How to read "Gabrielle, The Little Girl"?

You can read it online on It's free, and you don't need to register to access it.

2. How to navigate

The navigation is quite simple. Use the search engine to find specific fanfics or browse by categories and genres. Arrange the stories by update, publish date, reviews, and favorites.

3. Can anyone write on

Yes, anyone can write and publish stories after creating an account. It's a great platform for both readers and writers.


"Gabrielle, The Little Girl" is a unique and well-crafted fanfiction that's sure to captivate Harry Potter fanatics. Its original storyline, coupled with intricate character development, is its strength., although slightly rough around the edges, serves as an inclusive platform to explore such hidden gems.

Do go ahead and give this fanfic a read, who knows, you might end up finding Gabrielle Delacour as your new favorite character from the Harry Potter series!

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