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Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, quietly basking in the glory of their victory over Voldemort. The battle was over but the scars ran deep. Harry felt a sudden pang in his heart as he noticed Ron's missing ear and Hermione's bandaged arm. Despite the victory, the price paid seemed rather steep.

Among the many changes, one that made Harry uncomfortable was the conspicuous absence of Lavender Brown. She had been gravely injured during the battle and was recuperating at St Mungo's. Ron seemed distant and worried, clearly bothered by Lavender's condition.

A harry potter fanfic harry p ron lavender

Chapter 2: A Friendly Gesture

Ron had been wanting to visit Lavender but merely the thought of St Mungo's brought back painful memories of Fred. Seeing his distress, Harry made the decision of visiting Lavender on behalf of him and Hermione. Harry, usually awkward with emotional situations, dared to step out of his comfort zone for his friends.

With the 'Muffliato' spell cast around them, Harry started explaining his plan to an astounded Ron. Although initially hesitant, Ron agreed. He knew Lavender would appreciate their concern and it would mean a lot to her, being part of their Triwizard journey.

Chapter 3: Visit to St Mungo's Hospital

The journey to St Mungo's was eerily quiet, the usual banter was missing. The mood dropped further upon reaching Lavender's ward; the sight of her lying unconscious in bed was devastating. Harry felt emotions surge within him; guilt, sadness, anger. The sight reminded him of how Hermione had looked after being tortured by Bellatrix.

He sighed, bending down to whisper words of courage and strength to Lavender's sleeping form. The joy of victory felt meaningless; they were alive but far from living. Leaving the room with a heavy heart, he promised to visit again, knowing all too well that the road to recovery was long.

Chapter 4: Breaking the News

"She's going to be okay," Harry assured Ron and Hermione. Their expressions mirrored his own; sadness, worry, and a glimmer of hope. Hermione appreciated Harry's kind gesture and tried to soothe Ron's guilt. Ron, though still visibly upset, thanked Harry for his efforts.

Harry shared stories of their visit, trying to lighten the mood but the gloom failed to lift. Even the warming glow of the Gryffindor common room felt cold that night. Hours passed with the trio lost in silent contemplation, the room lit only by the dying embers in the fireplace.

Chapter 5: Moving Forward

It was difficult for everyone involved, especially for Ron, but they had to move forward. In a universe such as theirs, grief and joy, life and death, victory and loss, all came hand in hand. They needed to accept this reality. Harry suggested that they all write a letter to Lavender, expressing their wishes and love.

Slowly life seemed to pick up pace. Hogwarts bustled with activity again. Ron, Hermione, and Harry promised to remain by Lavender's side. Their shared experiences and journey had made them strong, and no dark wizard, no battle, could take that away from them.

Chapter 6: Acceptance and Recovery

Lavender's recovery was slow but steady. Ron, Hermione, and Harry continued their support and kept up with life. They knew too well that the world didn't wait for anyone. It was a tough pill to swallow but that was their reality.

The story of Harry, Ron, Lavender and their fighting spirits was widely discussed on, a fan-fiction based website that allowed users to write and share stories born out of their favourite fictional universes. These stories were a tribute to their strength, a testament to their bravery and a celebration of their victories, however small they were.


Through this fan-fiction, the resilience of Harry, Ron and Lavender are brought forth. Writing this, gave me a new perspective into their characters and their bonds. Their struggles are a testimony to their unyielding spirits and their victories, a symbol of hope. We delve deeper into the aftermath and the emotional turmoil our heroes face, which often gets overshadowed by their larger-than-life exploits.


Question: How does this fanfic tread into new territory?

The aftermath of the war and the emotional turmoil faced by the characters are dissentingly explored here. It gives us a glimpse into a side of their lives that the main series doesn't cover.

Question: Why is fanfiction so popular?

Fanfiction allows fans to break the boundaries and explore new territories. It's a platform for them to project their love for the characters and universe in a unique and creative way.

Question: How does the dynamic between Harry and Ron play in this story?

The essence of their friendship is exemplified here. They stand by each other during testing times, which deepens their bond even more.

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