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In the world of Harry Potter fanfiction, some of the most interesting stories arise when two unlikely characters are woven together in imaginative plots that transform them from supporting characters to leads. This story is called "A Change in Tide" and is located on The unlikely pair in this tale? The always lovable but often underestimated Ron Weasley and the alluring yet innocent Gabrielle Delacour.

A harry potter fanfic ron gabrielle site

The story begins with Ron's elder brother Bill Weasley's wedding to Gabrielle's elder sister Fleur. This serves as a convenient backdrop to help bring Ron and Gabrielle into closer contact. The hustle and bustle of preparation for the wedding and the distraction of the celebrations that follow afterward provide a conducive environment for this budding friendship.

Chapter 2: A Friendship Unfolds

Gabrielle, young and naive, quickly forms an almost idol-like admiration for Ron. It is a stark contrast to the romantic approaches that Ron had become well-accustomed to from his past schoolmates and admirers. This dynamic greatly contributes to Ron's growing fondness for and protective instinct over Gabrielle.

Ron's transition at Hogwarts from a fifth-wheel friend, known as Harry Potter's confused and comical sidekick, into a character filled with greater depth is elegantly portrayed in this narrative. Ron's wit, his insecurities, and his unassuming demeanor becomes the spine of this beautifully crafted story.

Chapter 3: Gradual Character Evolution

In "A Change in Tide", the author brilliantly evolves the character of Gabrielle Delacour, from being just a petite and reticent girl in "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire" to a brave, independent young woman who becomes essential for our hero. Her transformation reflects a unique blend of elegance and strength.

The evolving relationship between Ron and Gabrielle is delicately handled so that it appears natural and believable, yet far from cliched. Their interactions show a balance of humor, deep conversations, and slowly but surely, romantic tendrils unfurl.

Chapter 4: Review �where this Harry Potter FanFic resides - is an open platform for fans to read, write and share their fan-created versions of their favorite fiction. The site has been lauded as one of the main go-to places for fan fiction readers and writers.

With an easy-to-navigate layout, allows users to experience millions of diverse stories across multiple categories. To access this particular fanfic, all you need to do is search for "A Change in Tide" in the Harry Potter section.


Q1: Can I contribute my fanfics on
A1: Yes! You can create a free account and share your fanfics.
Q2: How can I find "A Change in Tide" on
A2: You can use the search bar and type in the name of this fanfic.
Q3: Can I interact with the authors on the site?
A3: Absolutely. has a robust system that allows readers to communicate with the authors.


The combination of Ron Weasley's wit and charm and Gabrielle Delacour's innocence and strength make "A Change in Tide" an enchanting read. The story is wholesome, allowing readers to experience an alternative trajectory for these characters.

This fanfiction is a great example of how fan-created content can breathe new life into familiar characters, deviating from their original arcs whilst remaining true to their essence. It also reflects the quality and depth of narratives available on platforms like, where communities of creatives gather and weave stories that give us fresh perspectives on our beloved characters.


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