A harry potter fanfiction story where harry is draco's twin


In the intricate web of the magical wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling, one of the most beloved franchises' Harry Potter, we were introduced to a universe full of magic, witches, and wizards. But what if we stir the pot a little? What if Harry Potter was not just the 'chosen one' but was born into the pureblood Malfoy family as Draco's twin? This alternate universe (AU) story is spun in the captivating world originally created by Rowling but introduces a whole new twist.

1. The Beginning: Birth and Deceit

In this AU narrative, Harry and Draco are born as twins, to the prestigious Malfoy family. However, a prophecy challenges the calm. The story starts with the Malfoy family knowing about a prophecy, which predicts the downfall of Voldemort, coming from a child born at the end of the seventh month. Fearing Voldemort's wrath, they give away Harry to the Potter family to save their own son, Draco, hence leading to a changed series of events.

A harry potter fanfiction story where harry is draco's twin

To provide a backdrop, Lily and James Potter, unable to bear their own, accept Harry, bringing him up as their child. They charm everyone to believe that Lily was indeed pregnant and that Harry is their biological son. Thus, this AU version offers an interesting start, painting the Potters in a new helping and noble light.

2. The Reveal: The Twins' Meeting

The twins' first encounter is under less than pleasant circumstances at Madam Malkin's shop. Harry, being the more brash and outspoken one, engages in a quarrel with Draco. Their arguments usually revolve around their distinct upbringings and differing views, which constantly brings a thrilling dynamic to the proceedings.

As the story unfolds, they come to know about their real relation by the end of their first year. This mind-boggling revelation creates a new sense of camaraderie as well as competition between Draco and Harry, now with them being well aware of their shared blood.

3. Different Houses, Different Paths

At the heart of Harry Potter's story has always been the famed Sorting Hat and its ability to place students where they best belong. In this fan fiction, though twins, Draco and Harry are put into separate houses - Draco into Slytherin, his 'rightful' place according to the family tradition and Harry into Gryffindor.

The difference in their houses is a symbolic representation of their drastically different upbringings. Harry, despite being a pureblood, having spent his life with muggle-loving Potter's, is sorted into Gryffindor while Draco, raised in a house observing pureblood superiority, gets Slytherin.

4. Dueling Destinies: The Fight Against Evil

Their twinhood doesn't change Harry's destiny as the one to defeat Voldemort. However, their relationship adds a complex dimension to the battle against evil. They switch from being enemies to reluctant allies, challenging each other's beliefs and decisions, pushing each other to grow.

Interestingly, Draco having an equal stake in Harry's fight against Voldemort and the deaths of Lily and James Potter, compels him to defy his family and stand by Harry. This helps in developing Draco's character as more than just an antagonist, but a more nuanced, complex character who is forced to question his beliefs and stand up against his own family

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. How does their relationship affect their friendships?
A1. It changes quite a bit. Draco starts mingling with the Gryffindors while Harry, who never understood Draco's animosity, begins to understand and empathize with him.

Q2. What happens to Hermione and Ron?
A2. Ron and Hermione play a crucial role as they help Draco and Harry reconcile and bridge the differences.

Q3. Does the Malfoy family find out about the twins' relationship?
Q3. Yes, the Malfoy family does find out, which triggers a series of dramatic events.

This is a piece of fan fiction that does not only explore untapped relationships in the world of Harry Potter, but also sheds a new light upon the characters, their motivations, and their struggles. The mix of familiarity of the Harry Potter world with an unexpected set of events and development is sure to send a shiver of thrill down the spine of every Harry Potter fan out there.


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