A hat in time fanfiction snowcon forest


A Hat in Time is a delightful platformer game developed by Gears for Breakfast. The game follows Hat Kid, a time-traveling alien with an enormous wardrobe of hats, each with their unique abilities. In this fanfiction, we will traverse a frosty adventure set in the game's never-before-seen level, Snowglobe Forest. Here are the different aspects of this icy journey.

The Setting

In our story, Snowglobe Forest is an enchanting, mysterious land shrouded in snow and ice. Frozen waterfalls, snow-covered trees, ice-capped mountains and even a colossal snowglobe in the center, all these features add to the whimsical and frosty aesthetic of the forest. Hat Kid will meet new allies, face off against cold-hearted foes, and solve wintery riddles to regain lost Time Pieces.

A hat in time fanfiction snowcon forest


The fanfic introduces new characters fitting the snowy narrative. The Frost Sprites, magical beings who maintain the balance of the forest, and the Wicked Ice Witch, who plots to plunge the entire universe into an icy age. Hat Kid, armed with her vast collection of hats, will need to rally the sprites and confront the Witch.

Throughout the adventure, Hat Kid retains her charming and humorous demeanor. The dynamics of the existing and new characters give depth to the story, with playful banter occurring throughout Hat Kid's journey.

Puzzles and Challenges

The fanfiction dreamt up new challenges and puzzles for Hat Kid to conquer, all tailored to our Snowglobe setting. From navigating icy platforms to tackling chilly enemies and even a frost-bitten boss fight, Hat Kid will have her hands full.

An intricate labyrinth of ice, a race against time on slippery slopes, deciphering the language of Frost Sprites, all these elements added new mechanisms and interactions to give a unique flair to this frosty fan-created adventure.

Visual Description

The details in this fanfiction paint a picturesque winter wonderland. From the icy sheen on the treetops to the shimmering curtain of snowflakes under the moonlight, every description was carefully crafted to give depth and life to the Snowglobe Forest.

The climactic face-off with the Ice Witch was nothing short of cinematic. Hat Kid, glowing with the warmth of her arsenal of hats, was a stark contrast against the cold blues and whites of the Witch's fortress. These grand set pieces were a spectacle to behold in the readers' minds.


The fanfiction ends with a satisfying note, with Hat Kid restoring the balance of the forest, the Ice Witch getting her comeuppance, and Hat Kid moving on to her next adventure. The story ties up nicely, leaving the reader to imagine what future journeys will be in store for the little time-traveler.


1. Is this fanfiction canon to the game?
No, this fanfiction story is a creation by fans and does not affect the original game's events.

2. Do I need to play the game to understand the fanfiction?
While the fanfiction does enhance the experience if you've played A Hat in Time, it is written so that anyone can enjoy the adventure.

3. How can I participate in creating fan content?
There are many forums online such as Reddit or dedicated A Hat in Time fan sites where you can share your own ideas and creations.

This fanfiction, set within the quirky world of A Hat in Time, is a testament to the creative potential that games can inspire within their fans. From new and exciting environments, playful interactions with new and familiar characters, and inventive puzzles that expand on the already delightful game mechanics, this fanfiction has proven itself a charming addition to the world of Hat Kid and her time-bending adventures.

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