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The world of Harry Potter has been the source of endless entertainment and inspiration for fans. Despite the series having reached its conclusion, fans continue to find solace and joy in creating fanfiction to let the characters live on through their creative versions. One such pairing that has been a source of intrigue is from Harry Potter’s best friend, Ginny Weasley, and Hermione Granger, known as "Hinny" to its fan base. While the pairing of Hermione and Ron has been canon, some fans have often wondered about the possibility of a Hermione and Ginny relationship. This is one such exploration into the realms of “Hinny�fanfiction.

The Meeting

In the Hinny fanfiction, their story begins right from the beginning of the series, when Harry, Hermione, and Ron meet Ginny. In this imagined universe, Ginny is drawn towards Hermione, forming an immediate friendship that gradually blossoms into something more. The insecure, tiny Ginny found a sense of awe and inspiration in the confident and intelligent Hermione.

A hinny fanfiction

This friendship becomes the reason why Ginny tries out for Quidditch and becomes successful, attempting to impress Hermione. While Hermione is oblivious initially, she starts to reciprocate Ginny's feelings by her fifth year at Hogwarts.

The First Mistrust

The first misunderstanding in their relationship happens thanks to none other than the antagonist, Draco Malfoy. Draco finds out about Ginny’s feelings and tries to disclose them publicly in a bid to humiliate her. While Harry and Ron stand up for their friend, Hermione is left confused. The event leads to a temporary fallout and confusion.

The situation paves the way for the pair to be honest about their feelings with each other. Ginny confesses her feelings for Hermione, who, after a brief period of tumultuous emotions, realizes that she might harbor feelings for Ginny too.

Their Support Systems

Realizing that indeed they hold romantic feelings for each other, both Hermione and Ginny learn to rely on their friends. Luna Lovegood, a quiet observer until then, steps up for Ginny, while Harry and Ron support Hermione. Both the parties help them navigate through the complex dynamics of their developing relationship.

Successfully defying the norm of the wizarding world, their relationship becomes a symbol of courage and trust among their friends.

The Final Battle

In the Hinny fanfiction, the pair stays together during the final battle, protecting each other against the onslaught of Death Eaters. They battle their way through, but when Ginny is hit by a spell, Hermione is thrown into a state of panic.

In the midst of hectic fighting, Hermione finds Ginny unconscious and whisks her away to safety using a portkey, making a heartfelt promise to return to Harry and Ron. Hermione manages to save Ginny, staying by her side, praying for her recovery.


The journey that both Hermione and Ginny take together forms the crux of this Hinny fanfiction. It explores a range of emotions including friendship, love, trust, betrayal, pain and ultimately, reconciliation. Their story provides an alternative take on the Harry Potter universe and offers fans an opportunity to celebrate a different pair of beloved characters.


Q: Is there any particular platform for Hinny fanfiction? A: and Archive of Our Own (AO3) are two such platforms for fan-created stories, including Hinny fanfiction.

Q: Are the characters in fan fiction same as in the original series? A: Characters in fan fiction maintain their initial character traits from the original series for the most part. The aspect that changes is the plot and their relationships in fanfiction are imagined by the writer.

Q: Is fanfiction legal? A: Yes, fan fiction is legal as long as it's not being sold for profit. It's seen as a work of 'transformative' art.


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