A hopeful voice dr who fanfiction


The Doctor, with his age-old wisdom and childish zest for adventure, sat in the grandeur of the TARDIS, his mind filled with intrigue and anticipation. The Time Lord had recently received an unusual message from an anonymous sender, a cry for help from an unknown dimension. He pondered over the cryptic words, "The Hopeful Voice is fading, save us from the Silence," feeling a shiver of excitement pass through him as he anticipated the adventure that awaited him.

The Doctor, of course, had come across many adventures in his lifetime as a time traveler. But none quite as intriguing as this plea for help. The tone of desperation carried a sense of urgency and danger. Despite not knowing who the sender was, where the message came from, or who 'The Hopeful Voice' was, it was enough to ignite the Time Lord's innate heroism.

A hopeful voice dr who fanfiction

Chapter 2: The Arrival

The Doctor manoeuvred the TARDIS, following the mysterious signal back to its source. Upon landing, he found himself marvelling at the breathtaking scenery of a splendid alien world. The landscape was ethereal, bathed in a soft golden glow with peculiar flora adding to its charm. The first impression was beguiling, there was peacefulness to this place, a stark contrast to the plea he had received.

A voice echoed from somewhere, soft and sorrowful, yet brimming with hope. The Doctor then realized that `The Hopeful Voice' was not a person as he initially thought, but rather was the voice that represented the heartbeat of this world, the empathetic connection between all living things on this alien world.

Chapter 3: The Threat

As the Doctor navigated through the alien world, he witnessed a tangible sense of fear and disarray among its inhabitants. They were haunted by a silence, a force menacing enough to lower their communications to fearful whispers. He began to realize the gravity of the situation - 'The Silence' wasn't just an absence of noise. It was an opposing force determined to sever the empathetic connections between the inhabitants, essentially killing 'The Hopeful Voice'.

The first question arose, why? Why would anyone attempt to kill the only thing keeping these beings together? To establish order? Or Chaos maybe? Intrigued yet concerned, the Doctor decided to delve deeper into the mysteries of this world.

Chapter 4: Unearthing the Direction

Whilst exploring, the Doctor stumbled upon an artefact - a relic of ancient times that seemed to hold onto the lament of those long gone. The artefact was a holographic device, an alien technology that contained both the history of the planet and the prophecy of 'The Silence'. It was through this hologram that the Doctor learned about the apocalyptic 'Silence' that had been foretold ages ago and about the crucial role that 'The Hopeful Voice' plays in maintaining harmony.

Yet, the hologram also hinted at a possible solution, a song, sung by the one with the purest heart, could reinstate 'The Hopeful Voice'. Struck by this revelation, the Doctor knew he needed to find this 'pure heart' to ensure the survival of this world.

Chapter 5: The Resolution

After an arduous journey, the Doctor managed to find the pure-hearted individual who could sing the song to reinstate the 'Hopeful Voice'. The planet was filled with a collective sigh of relief as the meaningful voice filled the silence, banishing the imminent threat.

However, most importantly, each one of them had witnessed the brilliance of a selfless act, reincarnating their bond stronger than ever. The Doctor, with his ever-present smile, basked in the moment before jumping back to the TARDIS, ready for the next adventure.


Thus, the Doctor's journey in this alien world ended, leaving behind a restored planet singing in harmony. As he navigated the TARDIS away, he couldn't help but think about the power of hope. After all, it was the hopeful voice that held everyone together. And amidst all this, the Time Lord found himself hopeful too, for his endless journey and the countless adventures that awaited him.

In this story of the Doctor, we witness hope, determination, and the unwavering spirit of unity despite imminent danger. The essence of this narrative resonates with the series Doctor Who, a timeless nexus of science fiction, adventure, and hope. The adventures of our lovable, quirky Time Lord are a testament to courage, selflessness, and the infinite marvels of the universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Was the Doctor successful in restoring the 'Hopeful Voice'? A. Yes, the 'Hopeful Voice' was restored, heralding a new era of peace and unity on the alien planet.

Q. What does 'The Silence' symbolize in this story? A. 'The Silence' in this story is a menacing force that aims to destroy the empathetic connection, essentially the harmony among the planet's inhabitants.

Q. Who was the pure-hearted individual? A. The identity of the pure-hearted individual who not only manages to reinstate the 'Hopeful Voice' but also reinforces unity remains a mystery, to weave a sense of intrigue.


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