A king and his beauty fanfiction


Dawn breaks in the kingdom of Sindrella with a beautiful sunrise, washing away the mystery of the night and revealing the magnificent castle standing against the skyline. This is the start of the story of a King, renowned for his wise leadership and bravery, and his deep, hidden love for his kingdom's most admired beauty.

Part 1: Introducing the King

The King, known as Noble King Maxellon, has his persona defined by the admiration and respect of his people. His efficient rule and fair judgment earned him the people’s trust. Maxellon, a man of steel, was never distracted or influenced by anything other than the wellbeing of his kingdom. He was the ultimate symbol of strength and fairness.

A king and his beauty fanfiction

However, beneath the steel-like exterior, was a gentle soul with a yearning for something more than power and authority. He had a passion for the arts, an appreciation for the tranquility that music, poetry, and painting brought into his life. This was a secret side of the King that was known to very few.

Part 2: The Beauty

Within the same kingdom lived a dazzling beauty, Lailenia. Unlike any other, her beauty did not merely rest on her physical appearance, but also resonated in her kind heart and sharp intellect. Lailenia was loved not only for her looks but for her humility and various contributions to the welfare of the kingdom's people.

She was an artist, the creator of the most enchanting music ever heard in Sindrella. Unbeknownst to her, the King was an admirer of her music, and this appreciation gradually grew into an affection that the King himself did not understand or acknowledge.

Part 3: The Unspoken Love

The King often found himself drawn to the music that flowed from Lailenia's harp. He would stand behind the castle walls, listening to the enchanting tunes that filled the crisp night air. His heart would flutter and leap in a way it never did, leaving him bewildered and mesmerized.

Despite this, the King never expressed or acted on his feelings. He watched from afar and admired in silence. His duty to be the unwavering symbol of strength prevented him from admitting to himself that he was falling in love.

Part 4: A Chance Meeting

Each year, the King would hold a grand festival in Sindrella, showcasing the kingdom's rich culture and talented artists. On one such occasion, Lailenia was selected to perform in front of the gathered crowd, and this included King Maxellon himself.

The meeting between the King and Lailenia was a turning point in their story. The artistic bond they shared was made evident, and the connection between them inevitably deepened. However, the element of royalty kept them apart, with their difference in status forming an invisible barrier.

Part 5: Conclusion

The love story between King Maxellon and Lailenia remained as an unspoken verse in the music of Sindrella. They continued to admire each other from afar, their love soothe yet intense. Their story serves as a reminder that love does not necessarily require an expression, sometimes the beauty lies within, unsaid but strongly felt.

A King and His Beauty is a timeless fanfiction love story that portrays the subtle emotions and silent love of two souls bonded by art. It is a tale of unspoken love that thrives in the heart of the kingdom of Sindrella, leaving a beautiful melody been played forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the main characters of the story?
The main characters are King Maxellon and Lailenia.

2. Why did the King not express his love for Lailenia?
The King felt obliged to maintain a strong and unshaken demeanor for the sake of his kingdom's stability.

3. What is the moral of this love story?
The moral of the story is that love does not always need expression but can be equally intense when felt silently.


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