A list of hermione pureblood princess fanfiction


Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfiction is an incredibly popular genre within the fandom of J.k Rowling's "Harry Potter" series. Here, we dive into a list of top Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfiction stories. Additionally, we will present comprehensive analysis on the various factors that make these stories highly rated and loved, from character portrayal to plot handling, relationship dynamics and much more, all within the awe-inspiring realm of fanfiction. is one of the oldest and largest fanfiction websites worldwide. Many of our selected Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfiction stories are located here. The website's easy to use interface and community ratings make it easier for readers to search for top-rated stories in this sub-genre.

A list of hermione pureblood princess fanfiction

In terms of content, some of the highly rated and emotive stories include "Pureblood Princess" by TheEndless7 and "The Phantom Princess" by Starfox5. Both portray Hermione as a Pureblood princess who takes charge in navigating through the magical world's politics, challenging the norms, and making some impactful changes.


Another popular platform for fanfiction is Archive of Our Own (AO3). This site is known for its multifaceted tagging system, which allows readers to find exactly the kind of content they seek. It hosts many Hermione Pureblood Princess stories with distinctive narratives that cater to different reader preferences.

'The Arithmancer' is one of the top stories here. Hermione's characterization as a mathematical genius echoes her original portrayal by J.K Rowling, but with the added twist of her pureblood princess status, which significantly alters the story dynamics.

Character Portrayal

Character portrayal is a significant focus within fanfiction. Hermione's portrayal particularly varies from the original series. Contrasted to the Muggle-born, hardworking student, she is often depicted as a proud Pureblood, nobility personified in these fanfictions.

In many of these renditions, Hermione's intelligence remains constant, but her newfound royal status adds layers of complexity to her character, requiring her to juggle her studies, responsibilities as a princess, and the quests she undertakes.

Relationship Dynamics

The relationship dynamics in Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfictions often also diverge from canon. Notable ships include Hermione with Draco, Harry, or even Snape at times. Each pairing has its own unique set of interactions, conflicts, and resolutions that keep readers engaged.

Moreover, her elevated status turns her relationships with her friends significantly more complex, now surpassing the purview of studentship and diving into deep societal imbalances of the magical world.

sociopolitical Undertones

Emphasized in these fanfictions are the sociopolitical undertones. By exploring Hermione's role as a Pureblood princess, these stories delve into the aristocratic hierarchy and prejudices existing within the magical society.

From abolishing outdated laws to battling systemic oppression, to educating her peers about equality, these narratives often illustrate Hermione's personal growth towards a competent ruler.


1. What is Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfiction? A: It refers to fan-made stories set in the Harry Potter universe where Hermione Granger is portrayed as a Pureblood princess rather than her cannon Muggle-born character.

2. What are some popular platforms to read these fanfictions? A: and Archive of Our Own (AO3) are widely regarded as the most popular platforms for fanfiction reading.

3. Do these fanfictions stick strictly to the original storyline? A: While fanfictions may weave canon elements, they can significantly divert from the original storyline, including various characterizations, relationships, and plot developments.


To conclude, the Hermione Pureblood Princess fanfiction genre offers its readers a novel perspective towards the Harry Potter universe. It reimagines Hermione Granger in the heart of the realm's aristocracy, universally engaging its readers with imaginative narratives and transformative character identities.

Unfortunately, no studies or articles currently dissect this fanfiction genre. However, user reviews, ratings, and discussions within the fan community provide invaluable insight into understanding its intriguing dynamics.

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