A malfoy in gryffindor fanfiction


One of the most compelling elements of the Harry Potter series is the concept of the Hogwarts Houses. Each house has branded certain traits and characteristics, that distinctly carve out your role in the wizarding world. This essay, however, has twisted the tale and presents a captivating scenario; what if a Malfoy was sorted into Gryffindor?

The Sorting

It was set in stone - Malfoys were classic Slytherins. They were cunning, ambitious, and believed in the preservation of 'pure' wizarding blood. So, when the son of Draco Malfoy walks into the Hogwarts Great Hall for the very first time and the Sorting Hat announced 'Gryffindor', a wave of shock washed over every present creature. Shouts of outrage, confusion, and bewilderment filled the air, but the boy merely smirked and strutted over to the bemused Gryffindor table.

A malfoy in gryffindor fanfiction

The identity crisis was evident. A Malfoy at the Gryffindor table was nothing less than ridiculous. It was ludicrous! This twisted placement of a Malfoy in Gryffindor House was set to shake the very core of Hogwarts traditions.

The Initial Struggles

Malfoy was initially uncomfortable, feeling out of place amidst people he had always known to be his polar opposites. He struggled with the atmosphere of openness and acceptance in Gryffindor, trained from birth to see the world in narrow, exclusive terms. However, his sense of discomfort was offset by his inherent Malfoy arrogance and pride, and he put forth a defiant front.

Malfoy's Gryffindor housemates were wary. They had known Malfoys to be calculating and mean-spirited. How could they trust this boy, raised in the nest of a family notorious for its allegiance to Voldemort and loathe for Gryffindor House?

The Transformation

The Hogwarts transformation was slow and gradual. Surprisingly, Malfoy found that he was beginning to adjust. The Gryffindor house, despite its reputation for brazen brutes, was full of warmth, acceptance, and companionship. They believed in courage, chivalry, and determination �traits he found highly appealing.

Working closely with his housemates and witnessing their unity, camaraderie, and moral compass had a profound effect on him. He slowly started letting go of his prejudices, opening up to new experiences, kindness, and friendship.

The Reconciliation

Over time, differences were reconciled. Malfoy proved himself worthy of Gryffindor qualities, showing great courage in the face of danger, standing up for his friends, defying rules where necessary. Headstrong, brave, loyal - he was the embodiment of a true Gryffindor.

Malfoy's journey from being a misfit in Gryffindor to being accepted as the key player in the house Lion was powerful. He proved that even he, a Malfoy, could defy his family background and succeed in his individuality.


A world exists beyond our established norms. This demonstration of placing a Malfoy in Gryffindor teaches us that our prejudices and biases may not always be accurate. We can redefine our identities, mould our characteristics and that courage, bravery and the ability to stand up against what's not right can be found in the most unlikely of places or people.

While not canon, this engaging alteration of the plot invites readers to ponder the stereotypes they might have unconsciously subsumed.


Q: Is there a Harry Potter book that features a Malfoy in Gryffindor?
A: No, this concept doesn't exist in the actual series. This is purely a fanfiction concept.

Q: Would J.K. Rowling approve of this concept?
A: J.K. Rowling is noted for encouraging fans' creativity and interpretations of her work so it's likely she would welcome such an idea.

Q: Where can I read more Harry Potter fanfiction?
A: Websites such as Archive of Our Own and provide a vast collection of fanfictions across various genres/sample.

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