A marriage most convenient fanfiction


Herein unfolds a tale as old as time, yet as modern as Pemberley's satellite broadband. A reinterpretation of the famed novel "Pride and Prejudice", the fan-fiction tale titled "A Marriage Most Convenient", by 'BeneathTheInk', canonically weds technology with the timeless charm of Austen's world.

Jane and Bingley

Kind-hearted Jane meets easy-going Bingley over a dating app, "Heart Match". Not a new concept for the digital age, but when placed in Regency England, it provides a rather refreshing insight. BeneathTheInk wittily sketches out Jane's reluctance and Bingley's enthusiasm. Freshly installed telecommunication lines add a peculiar zest to their courtship.

A marriage most convenient fanfiction

Bingley's unreserved trust in the algorithm of "Heart Match" contrasts with Jane's apprehension towards this novel way of finding a match. The author's clever amalgamation sees technology complimenting, rather than overpowering, the classic framework.

Elizabeth and Darcy

Elizabeth's meeting with a stoic software engineer, Mr. Darcy, at a country ball, penned digitally by BeneathTheInk unravels with unexpected charm. The customary verbal duel between Elizabeth and Darcy is embellished by tech-related jargons. They speak of open-source codes and Linux in the guise of discussing weather and farmsteads, while sparks fly and emotions twirl.

Elizabeth’s social media following and Darcy's reticence act as the modern-day equivalent of their regency social ranks. This portrayal is insightful and endearing, as it adheres to the essence of the original while incorporating technology's subtle hand.

"NovelBook" �The Social Media Site

"NovelBook", the site where Lydia posts imprudently about her affairs, and where Wickham carefully curates his image as "the wronged party" while sliding into DMs, could be seen as a tongue-and-cheek nod to the popular social media sites of today. This platform has a major role to play in escalating the drama of the story. It adds an intriguing layer to the narration while maintaining the original plot's pace and intensity.

Lady Catherine's Interference

Lady Catherine's unwelcome visit to confront Elizabeth about her 'alleged engagement' to Darcy, given a modern twist, becomes an uncomfortable video call. The disconnect felt by the characters through this medium is hungrily lapped up by the readers. BeneathTheInk subtly points out that regency drama and 21st-century miscommunications are not that different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this digital version align with the original Austen spirit? A: No doubt! The author has modernised the narrative by integrating technology, but the essence of Austen's brilliance is preserved wonderfully.

Q: Is the narrative difficult to follow given the technological aspect? A: No. The author smoothly fuses the technology with the narrative, making it refreshingly lucid.

Q: Where can I read this fanfiction? A: "A Marriage Most Convenient" is available on numerous fanfiction platforms like AO3, Wattpad and


"A Marriage Most Convenient" is a remarkable reinterpretation that merges technology and Regency England without losing the essence of Jane Austen's original. The subtle juxtaposition of old and new provides a reading experience both refreshing and nostalgic. Fortunate are those who embark on this unique journey curated by 'BeneathTheInk'.

References (Real): The story "A Marriage Most Convenient", written by the fan-fiction author 'BeneathTheInk'.

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