A matter of force fanfiction


The universe of 'A Matter of Force' is teeming with intense conflict, complex characters, and heart-stopping adventures. This fanfiction work will explore the uncharted narrative terrains in the universe, focusing on personal and political struggles, relationships and alliances, and character development and dynamics. The goal is to provide a fresh and in-depth perspective, inspired by the touching moments, intriguing interactions, unexpected twists and turns, and noteworthy performances.

Aspect 1: Unseen Angles of Conflicts

'A Matter of Force' is known for its epic battles and thrilling conflicts. This fanfiction will delve into numerous unseen angles of these conflicts, by bridging gaps and echoing the theme of wars—not only the physical confrontations but also the ideological divisions. These angles can consist of the unheard stories of resistance, the backstage power plays, or the isolated skirmishes.

A matter of force fanfiction

The emphasis will be on presenting these conflicts in a more personal and emotional light. The struggles on the battleground would be tied back to the characters themselves - their expectations, their anxieties, and their moral dilemmas. The aim is to provide the audience a deeper understanding of the inevitability and implications of these conflicts, beyond the graphic battle scenes.

Aspect 2: The Complex Characters

A Matter of Force's characters are compelling for their complexities. The heroes and villains, bearing their unique burdens, fight for their beliefs and ambitions. This fanfiction will explore more aspects of the characters, creating a dimensional profile for each one. The characters' stories would be told in their raw moments of triumph, failure, joy, and remorse.

The stories would also dwell on the characters' pasts, their dreams, and fears, their missed opportunities, and their redemption or downfall. The characters would be placed in situations that resonate with their story arcs, revealing their vulnerabilities and strengths. For instance, the protagonists might need to confront a painful memory, embrace an unexpected alliance, or test their moral boundaries.

Aspect 3: Dynamic Relationships

Relationships and alliances define 'A Matter of Force', adding another layer of complexity to the narrative. This fanfiction will feature the dynamics between characters—some could be romantic, while others might be contentious. Longing, resentment, respect, rivalry, and camaraderie would be interwoven in their interactions. Some relationships might survive the trials and tribulations, strengthening amidst the chaos, while others might shatter under the weight of consequential decisions and betrayals.

This notion would be expanded beyond the personal relationships, extending to the alliances and enmities between different factions. The power hierarchy, the shifting allegiances, the political maneuverings, the seething suspicions, and the unlikely friendships would be uncovered in detail.

Aspect 4: Character Development and Dynamics

Character development is integral to this fanfiction, with characters growing, evolving, and transforming through the course of the series. Characters will be shaped by their experiences, learning from their mistakes, grappling with their guilt, and holding onto their integrity. These real, raw, and relatable character dynamics would immerse the audience in the storyline, reinforcing their investment in the characters.

For instance, one story arc could take a character from a hardened soldier to a compassionate leader, while another could chart the downward spiral of a character from a charismatic revolutionary to a ruthless powermonger. The dynamics �alliances, conflicts, relationships �would alter as per the changing narratives, adding to the suspense and unpredictability of the series.


This fanfiction of 'A Matter of Force' will strive to honour the themes and aesthetics of the original while fleshing out the fictional universe with fan-driven narratives. It will delve deeper into the character developments, relational dynamics, unseen corners of the conflicts, and hidden layers of the universe. This exploration would shed new light on the characters and the world they inhabit, keeping the audience hooked onto the series, eager for the thrill the next chapter will bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main focus of this fanfiction? Answer: This fanfiction will focus on exploring the characters, relationships, and battles from unseen angles, expanding the narrative landscape of 'A Matter of Force'.

2. How much creative liberty will the fanfiction take with the original storyline? Answer: The fanfiction will remain true to the main storyline and themes, while expanding on them with new perspectives and story arcs.

3. Will there be any major changes to the characters and their relationships in the fanfiction? Answer: This fanfiction aims to enhance the depth of characters and their relationships, without contradicting their core characteristics and dynamics in the original series.


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