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In the world of fanfictions, there are countless stories to be spun and explored. One such realm of creativity exists in the crossover between Hetalia: Axis Powers and A Song of Ice and Fire. In this story, we explore the world where nations are embodied as people and the Game of Thrones is more than a political power play—it's a battle of cultural identities and historical grudges. The protagonist is a modest woman who is a fan of these sagas, transported into their reality.

II: The Protagonist

Our heroine, Alice, is an average woman with a deep love for history and politics. She has read all the books, watched all the episodes, and even written her own fanfictions. With her unyielding love for the characters of Hetalia and determination to survive in the brutal world of Westeros, we will see how she navigates through the complexities of these universes.

A modest woman fanfiction hetalia asongofsixpense

III: The World's Characters

Alice encounters a wide range of characters from both Hetalia and A Song of Ice and Fire in her journey. From the embattled Robb Stark to the proud nation of France personified, her interactions allow her to gain deeper insights into the merging of history and fantasy.

Each nation's character represents their specific cultural and historical personas. The nations also play the roles of different factions within the Game of Thrones, creating intriguing dynamics and conflicts.

IV: Politics of Westeros

Being a fan of political maneuverings, Alice gets deeply entangled in the intricate politics of Westeros. She realizes that there are more players in the game now, and every decision could intensify or mitigate the tension between the nations.

Her deep understanding of real-world history, cultures, and politics aids her in devising valuable strategies.

V: Historical Impact

History plays a significant role in both universes. As she travels, Alice discovers how various elements of history have manifested in the world of Hetalia and Westeros. Continents and Kingdoms representing countries give a fresh perspective on actual historical events and cultures.

VI: Survival

Survival in this cross-over universe is an entirely different matter. Alice realizes it requires more than just knowledge and cunning. She learns valuable lessons of compromise, diplomacy and trust.

She also learns to navigate the individual quirks, customs and traditions of each nation she interacts with.

VII: Love and Sacrifice

Amidst war and politics, Alice discovers love. This facet of her journey adds an additional layer of complication and emotions to her tale.

In navigating her feelings, she begins to understand the concept of sacrifice and its place in both the realms she has come to inhabit.

VIII: The Endgame

No saga would be complete without its endgame. Alice's journey through Westeros and Hetalia builds towards a crescendo as various plot lines and strategies begin to unfold. With the stakes higher than ever, the future of the multiverse hangs in the balance.


Q1: How does Alice manage to understand and interact with the various nuances of each nation?

A1: Having studied history, politics and culture thoroughly, she uses her knowledge and understanding to analyze the situation and respond accordingly.

Q2: Does Alice have any advantage over the characters of Westeros and Hetalia?

A2: Her knowledge of both worlds, coupled with her understanding of real-world events and trends, provides her with an advantage in strategic planning and diplomatic negotiations.

Q3: What role does love play in the narrative?

A3: Love in this story is not just about romance. It's about understanding sacrifice, loyalty, and managing relationships amidst politics and war.


This journey of a modest woman is a tightrope walk between two vastly different yet fascinating worlds. As a fan fiction, the crossover between Hetalia and A Song of Ice and Fire offers endless possibilities for storytelling, character exploration and impactful narrative design.

This story ticks all the boxes of a good fanfiction—an immersive plot, well-loved characters, clever integrations, and a deep understanding of the source material. A must-read for all fanfiction enthusiasts.


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