A more festive virgins piece of gay fanfiction


Welcome to a festive piece of gay fanfiction. This will not only evoke emotions but also bring a smile to your face with its Christmas themed, vibrant narrative. This will not be a typical fanfiction piece, however. It will aim to stir feelings of romance, comedy and warmth whilst being tastefully in sync with the season. Remember, this piece is purely a work of fantasy, aimed solely at entertaining and offering an escape from reality. So, let’s embark on this heartwarming journey together.

Main Characters

The protagonists of our story are Sam and Chris, two college best friends. Sam is a bookworm, introverted and carries an aura of mystery around him. However, he is very observant and understands people's emotions very well. Chris, on the other hand, is a vibrant, talkative football jock. He is an extrovert through and through and never fails to light up any room he enters.

A more festive virgins piece of gay fanfiction

Their contrasting personalities compliment each other perfectly. They navigate their lives and the ups and downs in their complex relationship. Exploring their feelings for each other whilst maintaining their friendship is the main theme of our story.


The story is set in a quaint little town decorated with shimmering lights and vibrant Christmas decorations. The main highlight being the comforting blanket of snow covering the warmth of the townpeople. The mesmerising season of joy and sharing sets a perfect background for our protagonist's heartwarming love story.

Story Development

Throughout the narrative, both Sam and Chris will go through considerable personal growth as they explore their feelings for each other. Through various Christmas inspired scenarios and activities, their bond will deepen undergo changes.

The story moves forward through heartfelt conversations to the intimacy of shared secrets. As Christmas approaches, their relationship, draped with undying friendship and a sense of love, blossoms.

Important Turning Points

Several turning points will mark the journey of Sam and Chris. Be it the moment when they exchange Christmas presents or the time they have to spend Christmas Eve alone due to a snowstorm. Each moment signifies a step towards acceptance of their feelings for one another.

The story takes a dramatic turn when on a cold Christmas night, Sam gathers the courage to express his feelings for Chris. This confession leads to an inevitable discussion about their friendship and the possibility of it turning into something more.


The climax is a heartfelt, emotional acceptance of their feelings towards each other. Their first kiss on the New Year's eve under the twinkling fireworks marks the beginning of a new phase. The story hence concludes on a hopeful and heartwarming note, leaving the fans wanting for more.

Writing Style and Tone

The writing style is witty, soulful, and touchingly romantic. The tone is entertaining yet relatable, with perfect blend of humor, romance, awkwardness, and Christmas cheer.


This Christmas fanfiction gives fans a new perspective of Christmas. Undeniably, the love that Sam and Chris share is raw and unique. It portrays that love is universal, transcending the barriers of societal norms. This piece serves as a reminder of the magic of love during the happiest time of year.

Common Questions

1. Why choose gay fanfiction for Christmas?

Gay fanfiction, like any other, offers diversity and representation, giving the LGBT+ community a voice and visibility.

2. Is this fanfiction suitable for all audiences?

Yes, this fanfiction is family-friendly and is written keeping all age groups in mind.

3. Can I find more fanfiction like this?

Yes, there are many platforms (like Wattpad, AO3 etc.) where you can explore a vast array of fanfictions covering all possible genres.


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