A mortal life fanfiction


Among the countless multitudes of fanfiction in existence, 'A Mortal Life' stands tall as a profoundly unique and thrilling experience. Unfolding the life of a mortal in a realm occupied by immortals, the tale is elegantly written and punctuated with unpredictable plot twists that keeps the reader on a tether.

The quirky aspect of the world of 'A Mortal Life' revolves around a mortal, Lucy, leading a life among immortals. Intriguing variations of everyday situations are spun while exploring how Lucy navigates through a world not built for her, yet one in which she must co-exist.

A mortal life fanfiction

Portraying Character Dynamics

A striking feature of 'A Mortal Life' is the complex character dynamics. None of the characters are black-and-white, every immortal has their flaws and every mortal their strength. Lucy, being the focal character, is written with depth and an engaging personality, giving readers an immensely relatable protagonist amidst an unreal world.

A distinct element of the narrative is the character evolution. Unlike many fanfictions that stagnate characters, this one allows for growth. Lucy undergoes substantial transformation throughout the narrative, forcing readers to constantly reassess their perspectives and expectations.

Exploration of Immortality

'A Mortal Life' delves deep into the concept of immortality. It contours the idea of an eternal life as both appealing and daunting. The immortals are shown to grapple with their foreverness, often making hasty and byzantine decisions, enlightening readers on the pitfalls of ceaseless existence.

While immortality is fascinating, the intricacies of their societal norms and rules shed light on its harsh realities. Immortals undergo trials to retain their powers, which adds drastic tension and prompts thought-provoking dialogues on the idea of endless life. and

'A Mortal Life' can be found on multiple platforms, including and is one of the oldest and largest fanfiction archives and features a review system where users can leave feedback., on the other hand, allows the user more freedom to express creativity, including various tagging options and the ability to upload images.

Prioritizing user accessibility and easy navigation, both platforms offer a commendable reading experience. However, for more interactive environment, has the edge with its feature allowing direct communication between author and reader.

Q & A

Q: Who is the protagonist in 'A Mortal Life'?

A: A mortal named Lucy, living among immortals.

Q: What notable character dynamics are portrayed in 'A Mortal Life'?

A: It excels in portraying realistic dynamics between different characters, focusing on their growth and evolution amidst complex circumstances.

Q: Where can one read 'A Mortal Life'?

A: It can be found on platforms such as and


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