A new life arnold fanfiction


Arnold's life had taken a massive shift when his parents decided to move away from their little town to New York City. Arnold's initial reaction was dread, fear, and some degree of excitement. He had grown to love his old small town; the smell of fresh baked bread from the bakery next door, the soothing sound of the brook nearby their home, and the ritualistic cricket matches that took place every summer. Leaving all of it behind was indeed daunting for Arnold, but it was a change he was willing to embrace.

The move affected Arnold greatly as he struggled to adjust to the bustling city life. He had difficulty sleeping during his first couple of weeks. The constant city noise was a stark contrast to the serene quiet of his old town. Additionally, Arnold found school to be much more competitive and stressful. However, he was a resilient boy, and with time and patience, he managed to adapt to his new life.

A new life arnold fanfiction

Mastering Uber

Adjustment to city life also meant that Arnold had to master the art of using city apps such as Uber. Back in his small town, they had no use for such apps. Everything was either within walking distance or one tuk-tuk ride away. Now, Arnold had to learn how to manoeuvre through the app, setting the pickup and drop-off locations, and even choosing the right type of car for his travels. It was a learning curve, but thankfully, he had his older sister to guide him.

The Uber app proved to be quite useful for Arnold. There were times when he had to rush to school due to a missed bus, and Uber was there to save the day. Arnold gave Uber an excellent review due to its reliability and convenience.

Discovering Unsplash

Arnold, being an art enthusiast, discovered a website called Unsplash. It's a website filled with high-quality, professional images that users can use for free. Arnold enjoyed browsing the photography on the website. The scenic shots made him feel as if he was travelling around the world from the comfort of his room.

Using Unsplash was quite simple for Arnold. He enjoyed how the pictures were categorised, making it easy for him to find specific images. Arnold often used this tool for his art projects, drawing inspiration from the brilliant photography on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did Arnold adapt to the city life?

A: With time, patience, and practice, Arnold became comfortable with his new living environment. He adjusted to the noises, pace, and the culture with resilience.

Q: Did Arnold find Uber helpful?

A: Yes, he found the Uber app to be useful, reliable, and convenient for city travel.

Q: What is Unsplash and how did Arnold use it?

A: Unsplash is a website with free-to-use quality photographs. Arnold often browsed and used these pictures for inspiration for his art projects.


No references were used or needed in creating this content. This is a purely fictional piece based on the imagination of the author.

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