A new world fanfiction


A new day was dawning in the universe of A New World, our beloved multiplayer online role-playing game setting created by Ubisoft. A soft glow began to flood the skies over the icy Mountains of Mayhem, and the shadows retreated over the rusted rooftops of Reinhardt, the steel city. It was in this moment that our protagonist, the ever-resilient warrior, Raven awoke from his long slumber.

Raven was a character molded by scars of countless battles. Wielding the Sword of Shadows, a coveted relic of ancient power, and adorned in armor forged in the fires of Fortitude, he stood as a beacon of grit and determination. This conflict-hardened character, a figure admired and feared in equal measure, was about to step into an unexplored territory, a territory where skills alone might not secure his survival.

A new world fanfiction

Arrival of an Unexpected Entity

Breaking the monotony of the game world, a new non-playable character (NPC), Aurora, mysteriously appeared. While most NPCs in A New World offered quests or sold items, Aurora was not so easily classified. This ethereal entity had no fixed location and seemed to phase in and out of existence. She hinted at a new direction the game could be heading to, awakening the curiosity of Raven and other explorers.

Communicating with Aurora presented its own challenges, as none of the so far known in-game languages worked with her. An ancient tongue concealed in the forgotten corners of the neural network-driven translation app InTranslate was the clue. InTranslate is a popular app among the gaming community, known for its deep learning interpretation capabilities and quick learning curve and often compared favorably to similar software such as TranslaGlobe.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Cracking the nuances of this ancient language led Raven on a journey across terrains, spanning dense forests, battles with fierce monsters, and meeting other characters, their own tales interwoven with his. Along the way, Raven discovered forgotten lore about the Azeroth's creation, leading to a greater understanding of the universe, and himself. This knowledge, obscure and troubling, was causing a shake in the coding foundation of A New World.

He shared his newfound knowledge with other players in the game over the beloved dialogue forum TalkFire. They too started contributing to the intriguing narrative developing in what was becoming a revolution in the game. The website became a treasure trove of user-generated game theories and tips, catapulting the world of A New World further into the unknown.


Here are some commonly asked questions about this fanfiction:

1. Is this fanfiction canonical?
Although this fanfiction is not canonical, it is written with a deep understanding of the game mechanics and lore of A New World.

2. How can one communicate with Aurora, the new NPC?
Users mostly communicate using the InTranslate app, which provides translations in various in-game languages.

3. How can players share their thoughts and theories?
TalkFire is an excellent forum for players, where they can share their game experiences, theories, and find like-minded players.


Fanfiction allows us to explore and expand the universe we hold dear. This piece aimed to add new dimensions, extending the boundaries of the original A New World setup. While it may not be canon, it invites and ignites the imagination of fellow fans.


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