A place to belong fanfiction


Once upon an eternal eon, there existed a fascinating world located beyond the realms of confinement. A place both mythical yet realistic, near yet far. This world so diverse in its essence was full of effervescent characters with incredible stories. This extraordinary world was known as Landellium, and this is a fabric of its untold marvels, its citizens and their quest to find a place to belong.

The Understated Urawa Epoch

Born through the fire, a warrior named Urawa was blessed with a heart as golden as his courage. The Landellium world had seen him challenge the odds to secure peace. However, there lay a secret upon which toyed his destiny. Urawa concealed a cryptic longing to find a close-knit family, a place to belong to. Although revered for his heroics, Urawa felt isolated in a seemingly connected world.

A place to belong fanfiction

His longing took him to the abstruse corners of the world. He encountered various creatures, fought battles unanticipated, and underwent myriad adventures. Behind each venture were new lessons learned, friendships forged, and a gradually emerging sense of belonging, albeit rather nebulous.

The Enigmatic Era of Makato

Meanwhile, there thrived a sorcerer Makato, brilliant as the sun. Rivaled by none, he had mastered the diverse magic of Landellium, yet he was consumed by an insatiable spiritual void. Beset with an intense desire for companionship, Makato, like Urawa, embarked upon a journey to find a place to belong.

His relentless quest subjected him to a series of encounters with unpredictable life forms bestowing reciprocal relationships, persisting challenges, concomitant rewards, and cherished memories. Makato, through the course of his voyage, began to perceive a vague sense of belonging.

The Urawa-Makato Rendez-vous

The perpetual quest from both ends leads to an unexpected rendezvous between Urawa and Makato. Their shared longing for belonging fostered an immediate bond. Realizing that they were two halves of the same coin, they decided to amalgamate their experiences to shape a place where everyone could belong.

The story sheds light on the sensitivity and courage of the protagonists who, despite their heroic stature, weren't afraid to express their vulnerabilities and make genuine connections. The journey of Urawa and Makato radiates with the narrative of many other inhabitants of Landellium, yearning to find their place of belonging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is fanfiction? Fanfiction is a form of storytelling that uses characters, settings, and concepts from existing works of fiction, reimagining or extending them in new directions.

2. Where can I read and/or write fanfiction? Fanfiction can be read and written on various platforms such as, Archive of our own, Tumblr, and many other apps or websites.

3. Is it necessary to know everything about the original work to enjoy fanfics? Not necessarily. The beauty of fanfiction is that it can be both, canon-based and completely separate from the original work.

4. Can I use ideas from fanfictions in my original work? Yes, you can, but one should always give credit where it is due, and it's always good to get permission from the author first.


The tale of "A Place to Belong" is a testament to the beauty of embracing vulnerability to form an unbreakable bond. It is a compelling narrative of Urawa and Makato encapsulating the untold tales of many unseen heroes questing for a place to abide. Whether it be Urawa's warrior spirit or Makato's mysterious magical prowess, each character brings forth the challenges and the beauty of finding their place of belonging. In essence, the fabric of this tale weaves in a place for everyone to belong.


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