A potter in america fanfiction


The sun was barely up over Hogwarts when a particular letter owl fluttered off towards America, carrying details of a unique individual, a Potter in America. It carries tales of a spin-off world, filled with the same magical nuances, but with a different societal picture. There's still talk about quidditch, forbidden spells, and magic wands, it hasn't changed the fact that the terrain and socio-political dynamics have been carved out differently. What's more exciting are the new characters, the new culture, and an entirely new facet of the magical world. Ready for this journey?

The American Setting

The American version of Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, takes the centre stage in our tale. Situated on the highest peak of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, it is a place where magical education meets cultural vibrancy. The institution honors the Native American magic history, crafting a bridge between the tales of Hogwarts and the lesser-known lore of America's magical past.

A potter in america fanfiction

Not only does the magical school present a divergence in the narrative, but the American wizarding society too, which has its roots intertwined with the Salem Witch Trials. A societal structure that values secrecy over everything else, the American magical community has evolved differently from British counterparts. Effects of these societal structures are weaved effortlessly into the narrative, thereby painting a world that's similar yet starkly different.

New Characters

Our protagonist is a descendant of Harry Potter �let's call her Abigail Potter. She's a blend of Hermione's intellect and Harry's courage. Being a Potter, she’s got a penchant for finding herself in the stickiest of situations yet has the wisdom to escape it all. Characters around Abigail are a reflection of America's diverse socio-cultural fabric, like Larry, a complete stark contrast to Abigail, bound by pure blood supremacy, and Tabitha, a girl with mixed magical heritage.

The villains too offer a fresh perspective. They aren’t the brand of evil, like Voldemort, seeking to eradicate the ‘unworthy� instead, they are creatures of circumstance, forcing readers to question their definition of ‘villainy�

Spin on Magic

A Potter in America doesn’t just change the setting and characters; it also weaves a different style of magic that correlates with American folk tales and native traditions. The American wizards gather their energy from the earth’s core, unlike British wizards who believe in the celestial connection. You learn about potions made from cacti, spells written in Sioux and a different set of magical creatures that inhabit the magical fauna of America.

Even the wizarding tools go beyond the British wand and broomstick. Expect wizards to ride on flying Totem poles and watch them wielding dream catchers as protection charms. A new spell awaits at every page turn, and somehow, the magic feels not just different, but also evolutionary.

Quidditch, Tournaments, and More

The world may well be different, but some things remain the same �like the love for Quidditch. The sport played here has been influenced by American football, adding a unique energetic vibe to it. The World Quidditch Tournament is still a bewitching spectacle and even Ilvermorny hosts a competition akin to the Triwizard Tournament.

These serve as major plot points and character development sources through the course. It’s a reassurance that no matter where you are, some things remain universal, like the thrill of competition and a fervour for the community.

Battles and Consequences

A Potter’s life is never without battles and this version is no different. Abigail is thrown into the thick of things, where everything she holds dear is at stake. There is exploration into the psychological impact of war on these young wizards, the cost of the sacrifices made, and a closer look at the moral stances adopted in times of crisis.

Whether it's the battle with the enemy, the turmoil within the self, or the confrontations with societal norms and beliefs, every conflict carries a message, an opportunity for character growth, thereby making every battle count.

Would there be actual works based on this concept?

As of now, this is merely a fan fiction concept. There is no official indication from J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros about such a narrative in development. However, with the continuous popularity of the Harry Potter Universe, we can only keep our fingers crossed!

Does Ilvermorny exist in Rowling’s Universe?

Yes, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is canon, first mentioned in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". However, stories and characters based in Ilvermorny are yet to be explored in detail.

Is there more fan fiction on this concept?

While there may be several fan fictions exploring the idea of an American Potter, none is as detailed as this one. Fan fiction sites like AO3 and FanFiction.Net may have related entries. These sites offer a platform where fan fiction authors can publish their works, receive reviews, and interact with their readers.


No actual references were used in the creation of this article as it is grounded in creativity and imagination while using existing lore from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.

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