A quiet place fanfiction


In this fanfiction version of 'A Quiet Place', we delve deeper into the perspectives of different characters, explore potential plot extensions, and contemplate on possible story lines that remain unexplored in the original motion picture.

1. The Pre-Apocalypse World

While the original movie gives little insight into the world before the alien invasion, this fanfiction paints a detailed scenario of the setting before catastrophe struck. The normal world with bustling cities, loud music, and thunderous laughter effortlessly contrasts with the silent, post-apocalyptic terror, which follows.

A quiet place fanfiction

This part also elaborates on the lives of the Abbott family �their relationships, their aspirations, and their everyday routines. This not only warms up readers to the characters, but also enhances the inevitable shock when the world suddenly falls silent.

2. The Alien Encounter

The fanfiction waits for an opportune moment to introduce the aliens instead of doing so abruptly. This is done to increase suspense and curiosity among readers.

The beginning of the alien invasion is described vividly, putting readers in the middle of the chaotic turmoil. The first encounter with the aliens is violent, heart-stopping, and terrifyingly real.

3. Evelyn's Character Analysis

Evelyn Abbott, the family's matriarch, is a strong and grounded character in the movie. This fanfiction extends her character, portraying her struggles more deeply. It emphasizes her vulnerability as a pregnant woman in such a dangerous world, and also shows her immense strength, determination, and ingenuity.

By amplifying her nuances, this fanfiction allows readers to connect more with Evelyn. The uphill battles she fights not just for her survival, but to ensure the safety of her children, are a testament to her indomitable spirit and courage.

4. The Elaboration of Alien Behavior

The fanfiction delves into the behavior and sensory perception of the aliens. It explores their hypersensitivity to sound, speed, and strength, creating a more well-rounded view of the creatures.

While this elaboration shows why these creatures are so terrifying, it also uncovers potential weaknesses that could be pivotal to the Abbott's survival.

5. Unpredictable Twists

Just like the movie, the fanfiction contains sudden and unpredictable elements to keep the reader hooked. From tragic losses to miraculous survivals, the twists in the plot keep the readers on edge and make the journey relatable, leaving a lasting impression.

These twists also help in evolving the narrative and creating an immersive experience. They explore both the fragility and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


  1. Are the characters consistent with the movie version?
    Yes, this fanfiction maintains consistency in character representation while adding extra depth and nuance.
  2. Are there new characters introduced?
    Yes, a few new characters are introduced to serve as catalysts, either aiding or impeding the family's survival efforts.
  3. Does the fanfiction end like the original movie?
    While the core essence is preserved, alternative endings and continuations are explored, leaving room for sequels or spin-offs.


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