A reynards regret fanfiction zootopia


Our tale takes place in the vibrant, bustling cityscape of Zootopia, an urban habitat where anthropomorphic animals of all shapes and sizes coexist. The setting, designed to mirror our own contemporary societies, provides an ideal backdrop to consider the complexities of regret, redemption and relationships, as demonstrated by one particular red-furred fox named Reynard.

Reynard: A Character Overview

Reynard carries the characterization of a sly, charming, and fledgling confidence trickster. Yet underneath all the cunning bravado lies a sense of deep-seated regret. His regret stems from both past misdeeds and fears of future mistakes, and much of the story revolves around him trying to overcome this negative emotion. Of course, being a character from Zootopia, Reynard is as complex and multi-faceted as the city he dwells in.

A reynards regret fanfiction zootopia

Reynard's Regret: The Catalyst

For Reynard, the crux of his regret can be traced back to a young bunny named Judy Hopps, Zootopia's first rabbit police officer. His past actions have unwittingly led to her harm, bringing his actions into a harsh new light. This realization acts as the fundamental catalyst for his regret.

The Internal Struggle: Reynard’s Regret vs. His Nature

Significantly, Reynard's regret is antithetical to his nature. As a fox, he is implicitly expected to be cunning and sly, without care for repercussion. However, his internal conflict between his natural disposition and newfound guilt shapes a considerable portion of the story's narrative, giving us a fascinating glimpse into his character's transformation.

Interactions with Other Characters

Reynard isn't isolated in his journey. He interacts with a range of other characters in Zootopia, whose reactions, whether supportive, indifferent, or antagonistic, add depth to his struggle. Key among these bonds is his budding friendship with a fellow fox, Nick Wilde.

Nick Wilde: A Friend or Foe?

Nick Wilde, likewise a clever fox, serves as an unwitting guide for Reynard, showing him the ropes of the city while subtly influencing him to question and alter his actions. Their dynamic duo is peppered with humorous banter that provides comic relief, even as it reveals more about their respective characters.

A Change of Heart

As Reynard wrestles with his regret, we begin to see a change of heart. He starts taking steps to reform himself, attempting to abandon his old ways for a more admirable path. This transformation is not instantaneous; it evolves, complicated by challenges he must face, along with internal resistance as he grapples with who he's been and who he seeks to become.

Towards Redemption

Ultimately, Reynard's remorse is the springboard to his redemption. The harder the journey, the greater the payoff, and it's through this journey that the readers can root for Reynard despite his past misdeeds. His contrition allows him to genuinely change, and it's this redemption arc that makes Reynard's narrative worthy of exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was Reynard's significant regret?
A: Reynard regrets his past actions that have inadvertently led to Judy Hopps's harm. Q: Is Reynard's transformation instantaneous?
A: No, Reynard's transformation takes time and is filled with challenges, reflecting the complexities of realistic personality shifts. Q: Where does this story take place?
A: The narrative is set in the vibrant city of Zootopia.


In conclusion, Reynard's Regret provides a multi-faceted exploration of the theme of regret and redemption set within the vivid world of Zootopia. With its rich character development and narrative depth, it is a compelling addition to the Zootopia universe.



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