A rough start twilight fanfiction pdf


Fanfiction allows readers to step into their favorite fictional universe and rewrite the narrative the way they wish it to be. This is an exploration of a Twilight fanfiction, “A Rough Start� and we take a deep dive into its plot, writing style, character development, portrayal of original characters, representation of relationships and much more.


“A Rough Start�reimagines the Twilight universe with a twist, offering a fan-based perspective on what could have happened if Bella Swan had arrived in Forks under different circumstances �not as the new girl in school, but as a teenager with a troubled past.

A rough start twilight fanfiction pdf


The setting remains in Forks, a rainy town in Washington state. However, the usually dull surroundings take on a darker hue as the troubled reality of Bella’s life permeates throughout this fanfiction.

Writing Style

The writing style adopted in this fanfiction offers a marked departure from that of Stephanie Meyer's. The language is darker, sometimes even raw, mirroring the protagonist’s inner turmoil.

Character Development

Edward's character undergoes nuanced development in this fanfiction. The morally upright, compassionate vampire develops a steely edge, navigating Bella's dark world with a mix of empathy and grit.

Portrayal of Original Characters

The portrayal of original characters stays true to Meyer's vision except for Bella. In this fanfiction, she is envisioned as a teenager with a turbulent past.

Representation of Relationships

The representation of relationships in this fanfiction has a substantial impact. Bella and Edward’s romance is depicted as redemption, providing Bella with solace from her past.

Average Rating

"A Rough Start" garners a 4.5/5 rating on, demonstrating the readers' appreciation for this unique take on Twilight.

Comparison to the Original

As compared to the original, this fanfiction offers a far more mature take on the characters and their relationships. It weaves a different though equally compelling story of determination and resilience.

Themes and Motifs

Themes such as redemption, resilience, and love are explored in this fanfiction, adding rich layers to the narrative.

Reading Experience

The overall reading experience of this fanfiction is thoroughly enjoyable. It offers an alternate dimension to Twilight, exploring darker themes through an unfiltered lens.


Where can I read this fanfiction?

"A Rough Start" is available on

Is it free to read?

Yes, is a free platform where you can read and write fanfictions.

Is the story complete?

Yes, "A Rough Start" is a completed fanfiction.


"A Rough Start" is a refreshing divergence from the original Twilight, broadening the narrative spectrum with darker themes and compelling storylines. For readers looking for a mature take on Twilight, this fanfiction is a must-read.

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