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Fan fiction has been an incredible way for fans to continue the storylines of their favorite books, movies, and television shows. One of these is Twilight, the acclaimed series by Stephanie Meyer, which captured the hearts of millions worldwide. To feed into this fascination, fan fiction authors have created numerous alternate universes, spinning new tales for our beloved characters. Among the countless fan creations, one stands out due to its creative storyline and well-executed character development �‘A Royal Duty�

The Storyline

‘A Royal Duty�is a Twilight fanfiction that intricately weaves the well-known characters into a different universe. Central characters Bella and Edward are assigned new roles �Bella as a commoner and Edward as a vampire prince. Their paths cross in an unexpected way and a tumultuous, forbidden love story unfolds. This element of forbidden love mirrors the main storyline in the original Twilight series, highlighting the author’s respect and tribute to the original material while weaving a tale that’s unique in its own right.

A royal duty twilight fanfiction

Although grounded in Twilight's vampire lore, the story has its surprising twists. Without revealing too much, one will see the power play between vampire clans, a closer look at the vampire hierarchy, and a war threatening to decimate their world. While this fanfic is undeniably suspenseful, it remains true to the spirit of Twilight with it’s romantic undertones.

Character Development

Bella, originally a relatively timid character, is rewritten as a fierce and level-headed woman, while Edward’s character is intensified, showcasing his struggle between duty and heart. Their relationship strays from the "love at first sight" theme in the main series, developing into a slow burn romance filled with excitement, heartbreak, and anticipation.

The author doesn't only focus on Bella and Edward. Other familiar characters have also been re-imagined, creating an enriched universe where every character brings nuance and intrigue. The relationship dynamics have a complex mesh, making each interaction brimming with suspense and drama.

The Writing Style

The author's mature writing style complements the story brilliantly. A rich vocabulary, detailed descriptions, and a solid pace make the storytelling easy to follow and visualize. The author's understanding of the original characters�dynamics lets them create dialogue that’s fit for the Twilight universe, while still bringing in something refreshing.

The plot keeps readers on their toes, skillfully balancing romance, mystery, and supernatural elements. The author has seamlessly integrated backstories into the present narrative, providing a depth that makes this fanfic a captivating read.

Website Features and Reviews

‘A Royal Duty�is available on, a website that allows readers and writers to engage with each other seamlessly. The website is user-friendly, highlighting stories according to views, favorites, follows, and last updated. Readers can leave reviews, make predictions, and cheer on their favorite characters, adding to the community engagement.

This fanfic has received thousands of likes and positive comments from readers worldwide. Many readers praise the skillful character development, intriguing plotline, and suspenseful narrative of the fanfic. Its popularity within the Twilight fandom speaks volumes about its quality content and engaging storytelling.


In the world of Twilight fan fiction, 'A Royal Duty' successfully stands out. While staying true to the core personalities and relationship dynamics of the original characters, this fanfic transports the reader to an exciting universe filled with star-crossed lovers, royal intrigue, and vampire politics. Whether a Twilight fan or not, this compelling fanfic guarantees an absorbing reading experience.


Q1: Where can I read 'A Royal Duty'? A: You can read 'A Royal Duty' on

Q2: Is 'A Royal Duty' complete at this moment? A: Yes, 'A Royal Duty' has been completed.

Q3: Are there other good Twilight fan fiction stories? A: Yes, there are many others, such as 'High Anxiety' and 'Wide Awake', which have also been highly praised by the Twilight fanbase.


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