A self-indulgent klance fanfiction wrote while


Fanfiction is a genre unto itself, and nowhere in the multi-faceted universe of self-published, fan-inspired writing is the passion more palpable than in Klance fanfiction. Klance, if you're wondering, is a term used to denote the pairing of Keith and Lance, two characters from the hit animated series, 'Voltron: Legendary Defender'. With this in mind, I crafted a self-indulgent Klance fanfiction that will surely appeal to rabid fans of the dynamic duo, as well as those who are new to the fandom and unfamiliar with the art of crafting a persuasive, emotionally compelling fanfic.

The Setting

Fanfiction allows authors to play around with settings, giving them a myriad of options. Our Klance story takes place post-series, where it's able to fully explore the relationships of our characters beyond what the series has allowed.

A self-indulgent klance fanfiction wrote while

Keith and Lance are depicted living together on Earth, adjusting to a peaceful life after the end of the war. The ambiance is tranquil, wholesome with bittersweet undertones that echo the loss they suffered and the sacrifices they made.

The Characters

Lance's portrayal is that of a compassionate, yet humorous character. While he maintains his comedic quirks and carefree persona, we also delve into his deep sense of responsibility and the loss he still mourns. His character arc is along the lines of acceptance, growth, and moving forward.

Keith's character is seen evolving out of his introverted nature. We get to see him open up emotionally to Lance, placing his trust into someone else after years of being a lone wolf. The story explores his learning process of balancing his independence with his emerging reliance on Lance.

The Relationship Development

The relationship between Keith and Lance evolves slowly but surely. It begins with a strong friendship built on mutual respect and understanding. Yet, there's more brewing under the surface, a gradual realization of deeper affections and unspoken confessions. The transformations in their relationship are delicately addressed in an unhurried way.

Pivotal scenes between Keith and Lance are sprinkled throughout the story. Their quiet conversations and vulnerable moments serve to solidify their bond, gradually leading to the eventual romantic development that all Klance fanfictions are known for.

The Impact of Past Battles

One essential theme that the fanfic delves into is the impact of their past battles on Keith and Lance. How do they cope with the memories? How does it manifest in their current behavior? Both leads are depicted battling their inner demons, grappling with an abundance of emotions connected to their shared past.

Both emotional and psychological impacts are discussed with respect to each character. Keith's way of dealing is markedly different from Lance but they manage to find solace in their shared experiences, and understanding in their shared pain.

Humour and Light-heartedness

In spite of dealing with deep themes, the fanfiction maintains a balance with moments of humor and light-hearted banter. After all, it wouldn't be a Klance fanfic without the pair's signature playful squabbles and humorous teasing!

Klance and its Popularity

Klance has captured the hearts of many due to the incredible chemistry between its leads. The juxtaposition of their personalities and their journey from rivals to confidants is greatly explored in many fanfictions. Lance's light-hearted nature perfectly contrasts with Keith's stoic and introverted nature, forming the recipe for an alluring dynamic.


Q1: What is Klance?
A1: Klance is the name given to the 'ship' (or imagined relationship) between Keith and Lance from the animated series, Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Q2: Why is Klance so popular in fanfictions?
A2: Klance has a loyal and passionate fanbase due to its complex characters and their dynamic relationship, which evolved from rivals to close confidants throughout the series.

Q3: What's remarkable about this self-indulgent Klance fanfiction?
A3: This particular story deeply delves into Keith and Lance's post-war life as they grapple with their pasts and move forward, exploring their deep bond that evolves into something more.


Ultimately, this self-indulgent Klance fanfiction has layers of emotion spread across its chapters, capturing the metamorphosis of Keith and Lance's relationship in a natural and heartwarming way. It keeps the essence of their characters while also creating a unique post-series universe where they find solace and love in each other. If you're a fan of the duo or intrigued by the idea of exploring deep character relationships, this fanfiction is a must-read.

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