A shadows dream fanfiction


In this fanfiction universe, we dive deep into the enigmatic world of shadows, spinning an enthralling tale of love, loss, and profound self-discovery. An amalgamation of mysticism and reality, 'A Shadow's Dream' provides a strikingly different perspective at life.

Character Development

The main character, Xander, is a shadow, an entity that we often overlook in our day-to-day lives. He's initially portrayed as a mere figment of the physical world, bereft of emotions, desires, and individuality. However, as the story unfolds, we see him develop unique thoughts, emotional depth, and an eerie ability to dream.

A shadows dream fanfiction

Xander's journey of self-discovery is a pivotal part of the story. As he grapples with his newfound abilities, he begins questioning his existence, yearning for more than just adhesion to his assigned physical figure. This profound internal conflict sets the stage for Xander's evolution beyond his shadow self.

The Plot

The plot is ingeniously woven, starting with Xander's unsettling dreams. These dreams are infused with vivid colors, emotions, and physical sensations—worlds away from his colorless, intangible existence. This stark contrast seizes Xander's curiosity and kickstarts his journey of questioning and discovery.

Xander struggles, toils, and learns to control his dreams, thereby gaining the ability to experience lives of the people he is a shadow of. The plot thickens as Xander treads the fine line between his shadow obligations and his exploratory dreams, hinting at an imminent clash between the two.

Targeted Websites/Apps

This fanfiction can be truly appreciated on platforms like Wattpad and Archive of Our Own (AO3) that cater to the fanfiction community. Wattpad, with its user-friendly setup and extensive reach, allows readers to engage directly with authors. On the other hand, AO3, with its robust tagging system, makes it easy for readers to search for specific themes and characters. Both platforms support user-generated content, fostering a welcoming space for creativity.

Setting and Imagery

The author's use of immersive, mystical imagery is commendable. The tangible contrasts between the stark brightness of the day and the mesmerizing moonlit nights accentuate Xander's polarized existence.

The setting flits between the vibrant dreams and the black and white reality, further enhancing the story's mysterious aura. The readers are treated with hauntingly beautiful descriptions of Xander's experiences, offering a poignant insight into the misunderstood world of shadows.

Dialogue and Narrative Style

As an entity deprived of auditory faculties, Xander's communication is through thoughts and silent observations. The author's unconventional approach, using a third-person narrative, gives voice to the otherwise silent shadow.

Despite lacking spoken dialogues, the conversations occur through a series of thoughts and expressions, making human interaction a rather fascinating event. This unique narrative style amplifies the sense of isolation engulfing the shadow world, making the reader feel a deeper connection with Xander.

Question and Answer

Q: How does Xander communicate if he cannot speak?
A: Xander communicates through thoughts and silent observations, which is beautifully portrayed through the third-person narrative technique.

Q: What platforms are suitable to read 'A Shadow's Dream'?
A: Wattpad and Archive of Our Own (AO3) are great platforms to enjoy 'A Shadow's Dream', given their wide reach and interactive formats.

Q: Does Xander ever manage to navigate successfully between his worlds?
A: To unravel Xander's fate and see how he handles the clash between his two worlds, you must immerse yourself into the world of 'A Shadow's Dream'.


'A Shadow's Dream', while being a fanfiction, shatters conventions with its unique protagonist, thought-provoking plot, and vivid imagery. The story compels us to question our understanding of existence and reality, making it an intriguing read for any curious mind.

Without giving away too much, this story takes you on a mystical journey through the unseen world of shadows, making you appreciate your capacity to dream, feel and live.

Are you ready to fall into the captivating world of shadows?


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