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Within the diverse universe of science fiction, we often encounter species, races or characters that exhibit an intense and irrational fear or hatred towards outsiders, namely, xenophobia. As a staple of the genre, however, few have dedicated their time and effort to subvert this trope. In this creative endeavor, we delve into a fanfiction piece entitled "A Single Change", where we familiarize ourselves with a xenophobic character who, through a unique twist, becomes the beacon of unity in a universe filled with prejudice and division.

Assessment of the Xenophobe Trope

The xenophobe, in essence, is an embodiment of fear and hatred towards anything alien or foreign. Their character arch usually orbits around a pivotal event that alters their perception, either reinforcing or crumbling their fears.

A single change fanfiction xenophobe

In "A Single Change," Boron, a classic xenophobe belonging to the ethnocentric Lytorians, steals the spotlight. Forever wary of other species, Boron's defenses are mostly psychological, stemming from years of conditioning and indoctrination. His world is upended when he is marooned on a distant planet, where cooperation is the only key to survival.

Change in Character Dynamics

The story uses the xenophobic trope to explore the bonds we form when fear and survival become entangled. Boron, faced with the inevitability of dealing with other species, is compelled to reassess his belief system. However, this does not occur overnight. The writer uses powerful storytelling techniques to portray a gradual transformation.

For example, Boron's thawing is first seen in his reluctant kindness towards a shipwrecked Velsian named Iyara. Although initially hostile, their shared predicament gradually fosters an unanticipated understanding, breaking down Boron's barriers.

Theme of Unity

"A Single Change" brilliantly utilizes the xenophobe trope to emphasize the universal theme of unity. The Lytorians, revered in the galaxy for their isolationist policies, become an unlikely symbol of unity when Boron, through his transformation, becomes an advocate for galactic harmony in the face of war.

The change in Boron and the subsequent unity formed on the desolate planet serves as a mirror to the divided universe thriving on prejudice. The story, thus, creates an impactful commentary on conflict, showing that unity can be born even in the unlikeliest of situations and individuals.

Reception and Reviews

"A Single Change" has been praised by fans for its promising approach to reforming the xenophobe trope. Though a fanfiction piece, it presents a compelling, well-rounded narrative that offers introspection into a usually flat character type. Fans have commended it for its realistic character development, thematic gravity, and social commentary.

On fanfiction platforms such as and Archive Of Our Own (AO3), users have praised the narrative while offering constructive criticism, shaping a balanced and engaging discussion about the piece. Further emphasizing the story's strength, it has inspired several other writers in the fanfic community to explore the potential character development in xenophobes.


In conclusion, "A Single Change" marks a milestone in fantasy character exploration. It utilizes a traditional trope and redefines it through a fresh lens, propelling meaningful discussion about xenophobia and unity within both the depicted universe and our current reality. While the path to change is often fraught with convincing resistance and painstaking growth, the story assures us that every single change, no matter how difficult, can have a profound impact when given the chance.

Common Questions

Q: What is the central theme of "A Single Change"?

A: The central theme is unity, particularly unity arising from unexpected circumstances and individuals. Specifically, it's how a xenophobe transforms into an advocate for peace and cooperation.

Q: Where can you read "A Single Change"?

A: "A Single Change" can be found on fanfiction platforms such as and Archive Of Our Own (AO3).

Q: How are the characters portrayed?

A: The characters are portrayed with nuance and complexity, particularly Boron, who undergoes significant character development. The writer skillfully explores the character's psyche, making the transformation believable and relatable.


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