A son forgotten fanfiction


The story begins unassumingly, in the quiet corner of an old forgotten town named Eventide. The town's history runs deep with many a tale, but none as whispered about as Gabriel, the boy once cast aside and left forgotten.

Stories sing about the boy's unusual birth, of his mother bequeathing him with a medallion of moonstone before vanishing, never to be seen again. Locals whisper that the family was cursed, the medallion a symbol of their doom.

A son forgotten fanfiction

Chapter Two: The Unlikely Guardian

Gabriel was left with Cairo, a once great knight turned blacksmith with a heart grizzled by past battles. Cairo was a man folded so many times by hardship that he barely resembled the man he once was. However, he was warm and kind to Gabriel, treating the boy like his own son, never making him feel forgotten.

But Cairo guarded a secret, a promise he made to Gabriel's mother. The truth about the medallion he wore around his neck and the past it held. Cairo knew the boy must never learn the truth but as Gabriel grew older, it became harder to keep the secret.

Chapter Three: Uncovering the Truth

One fateful night, Gabriel stumbled upon Cairo's private manuscripts much to the latter's dismay. Gabriel was drawn to the tale of the legendary moonstone medallion, a tale that strangely mirrored his own past.

The realization cracked something wide open within him. The thirst for truth scorched his insides, whittling away at his heart until he was left in search of answers. Filled with anger and betrayal, Gabriel confronted Cairo, triggering an intense falling out between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the story named "A Son Forgotten"?

The story follows the intriguing life story of the protagonist, Gabriel, who deals with a forgotten past, unearths dark secrets, and grapples with a fractured identity.

2. Who were Gabriel's real parents?

This is yet to be revealed in the story. Gabriel's origins remain a mystery that add to his character development.

3. Where is the town of Eventide based?

The town of Eventide is a fictional space curated by the author. Its lore and environment are a product of a rich imagination.

4. Will Gabriel ever find the truth?

The story is building upon this aspect and the unfolding truth forms the crux of the journey.

At the heart of it all, 'A Son Forgotten' is a story about the complexity of human relationships, the ambiguity of memories, and the relentless pursuit of personal truth. An immediate disclaimer, this fanfiction is not an official supplement to any canon storyline, movie, or book; rather, it aims to offer a unique perspective on a forgotten son's search for identity. Any likeness to official content is purely coincidental.


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